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Your host Pharmacist Air Christianson thank you all so much for listening today I'm going to see Over Mira Baghran The brand name of this medication is murder trick and it is important to note that this medication at this time as a brand name medication you have to have the expectation that it's going to be very expensive and in our medical system it may or may not not be covered by insurance initially so that's always a big big challenge and I think a lot of healthcare professionals don't understand and at least what the cash price for a lot of these medications are so just to give an example of Murga tricky whereas brand name medication That cost Ballpark is in the range of three hundred to five hundred dollars a month and so that's substantially significant and you know any patient that's taking this type of medication that always has to be part of our assignments so I just wanted to lay out that point because it is so important when it comes to patient adherence to recognize that cost is a huge huge role in depending upon that patient's insurance how well they're able to afford that medication they may be rationing it they made maybe skipping days on purpose they may be using that in a non approved or inappropriate way that might make that medication in less effective so just have to have to recognize when you're working with patients to ask those questions about the cost of medications and if they can afford medications so getting into the getting over that little rant there let's get into the the pharmacology of the drug actually how the drug works so it's classification it is a Beta three agonists and you may remember Beta receptors from thinking about betablockers to other Beta agonists and the really important point about Beta receptors is there's multiple sub types of those receptors so the the three main subtypes of Beta receptors where we have drug targets are Beta one two and three so one those subtype of receptors are typically found in the heart for example Beta two or on the lungs and Beta three at least as far as drug target let's go are primarily found in the bladder urinary tract system mechanistically how this drug works that Beta three receptor activation or that agonised activity it allows for the bladder smooth muscle lacks and when that bladder smooth muscle relax relaxes this allows for a greater capacity greater ability to Astore Urine so this means that those muscles they aren't constricting they aren't contracting and when you have that constriction and contrast action the patient what they're going to experience likely is that sensation for going to the bathroom so as you could imagine this man vacation is used to manage overactive bladder symptoms urge incontinence type symptoms now I did mention the cost just as being an important factor when it comes to reviewing and assessing patient adherence to medications one other important factor is does using if you've got a a medication that needs to be dosed multiple times per day the more often you have to dose that medication the more likely it is that patients are going to have a difficult time following that.

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