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Now, I'm Stein, a brilliant physicist a scientific pioneer, of course, though, perhaps not the one you're thinking of this week. We're discussing the lives of women whose work has been overshadowed by their more famous male relatives or partners. It's part of the BBC's one hundred women season today. Miller marriage Einstein who was Albert's first wife. They divorced in nineteen nineteen and a few years later after a dispute about money from Albert's will she received this letter when someone is completely insignificant. There's nothing else to say to this person to remain modest silent. This is what I advise you to do. Well, let's hear from Pauline Gannon a French Canadian particle physicist who's written and lectured about Miniver Einstein. James Menendez asked her if Einstein had tried to cover up his contribution to his work, probably a D N towards the end of his life. Did he wrote to his lawyer a few years before militias death that once milita would no longer be in this world, then he could die in peace? And so he probably had a bad conscience, but it had started so differently at the beginning. The two of them were so much in love, and they were working together and doing these incredible things together. The absolutely we pollution is the modern physics, and they were pretty close collaborator. But they were also very close emotionally and she was without him. It would not have succeeded. The big problem was that he had been so insolent with one of his professor, and he was unable to get a good letter of recommend. He was unable to find a job. So Miniver was pregnant at the time were not married, but Albert refuse to marry her until he would have a job, but he couldn't find a job. So they were still working together. And they probably thought the best way to overcome that is to publish good papers signed them, myself alone. And then I can I can make a name for myself and miliver had all interest in the agreeing to that. So there's no doubt in your mind that they did work because I know there's been some debate about the references in the letters to our and and so on whether they actually did collaborate very close. But there's no doubt in your mind that that did happen. This was a joint effort. Absolutely. It's crystal clear in their letters their numerous references today ever come in. Who can for example, there is a reference to a paper on capillarity that the press paper that he published that Alberta published and they constantly refer to this paper in some letters. Talking about their common work, but then appeared on their only under his name. So it's clear that something happened that made them decide just to sign with one knee. And I think it was because in needed to make a name for himself, and she had all interest there. He would get a job marry her and she could keep a child. So there was the trust there at the beginning that allowed them to do that. But obviously when his career took off did success go to his head a bed, and then he started to believe that actually this was this was all about him and not her what is clear is that miliver sensed it from the beginning as soon as we condition came to a Albert of on nineteen zero nine four five years after the publication of the his major papers on the Photoelectric effect relatively special relativity and E equals MC square. So when this happened me, lavar sense it, and she wrote to a friend to a best friend, a hold fame will not change. Is humanity and later on she wrote with fame. It's always the same one receives the Pearl and the other the shell. Physicist polling Kanye and something new every day. Now once untrustworthy always restricted is the rather ominous sounding slogan of China's national Social Credit system is a method for encouraging some say enforcing good behavior. From one point four billion people it was launched nationally in two thousand fourteen and late on Monday, Beijing's local government announced its own incarnation of scheme based on what it called personal trustworthy points, trustworthiness points. His what it sounds like in practice..

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