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I've got a turntable now at home, and you know, as Joe Biden, who was a presidential candidate, one of the two I think leading presidential candidates for the office in November. He did encourages at certain points back and what April or may to leave our record players on a night so we could keep up with the information. So I actually procured a record player a turntable because I wanted to make sure that I was up on the latest Evidential politics and polling, according to Joe Biden, So if you could get me a copy and vinyl that would be awesome. My needle is clean, so your album will not be subjected to any kind of fatal germs or diseases or viruses that you know people get with dirty needles. Sometimes a dirty needle. Gerry's buddy with the record, thank you know it happened A resurgence here and I recently got my record player kind of dust it off because I wanted to hear the same. I want to hear Mr Biden. Um, you know, lobotomized fireside chats E. And then he had another one today and there were like about five or six sentences that, he said. That would have sounded perfectly normal if someone was actually delivering them in a cohesive way. They weren't delivered in a cohesive way. But he did string about five or six sentences of more or less together. That meant nothing. So if I'd had if I could have had a head to head pressed on the vinyl and a turntable and played it backwards, I probably would have heard Paul is dead. Paul is dead. Paul is dead. I am the devil. I would have heard all of those things. I think that might be the you know, Never doing that back. Took it back when I was in high school with that Led Zeppelin records. Stairway to heaven. And I think that on so we did get a vinyl recording an analog of Biden that might uncover a lot about the deep state and GM The luminosity. It might really illuminate everything for me. And how hundreds Biden got paid all that money from the Ukraine in China got so anyway. Do you think now you're a school teacher. We've talked about this before your English teacher. You're a music teacher, and you teach at ST Michael's when and win and if they ever open classes again in the fall. From all the information that you've heard, and all the information that I have seen scientifically. Children are not what they call super spreaders, which probably takes on a whole different connotations for other people, But Children do not. Children do not usually contract or spread the Corona virus and posed there's not been one case anywhere in the world where a child has gone back to school in this pandemic. And spread the disease to a teacher or a parent at home. So the science they always say, rely on the science. The science is out there. Do you think kids should return to school this fall? Oh, I totally do, Gary, Jeff. You know, of course, you know, sort of abiding by some of the state recommendations just To play ball with governor to wine and everybody, But I think that that zoo quintessential part of, you know, upbringing. Education is to have you know one on one learning, especially when it comes to the arts and you know to be in the classroom for social and mental health of the kids. I really am a big proponent of getting back in the classroom. Yeah, I mean, and as an educator yourself how long you've been teaching here Be my fifth year teaching started. So you have some experience doing this? And you know how you know how students respond. In person as opposed to online. Yeah, you know, just like showing up because I had about like five students who just kind of a wall the entire time it all my classes. Really? Oh, it's very difficult to be these kid's come with very different backgrounds. Some kids don't have no access to toe WiFi computers, and it's just I really hope. We've got a game plan here in Brown County to get back, hopefully on the 24th. My prediction is that I'm good wines. You know, the county based Cove it mapping system. I think we're going to see that play a big part in which counties are able to go back and whether they get shut down through the duration of the school year. No, no, I mean in you teach in a private school. Obviously, there have been like the Los Angeles Teachers Union, for example, have said they're willing to come back. But only if there's not enough money given to charter schools or private schools, because, of course, they don't want the competition and for obvious reasons they don't want the competition. Because for years people have said, you know, I really don't want my child in a public school. I can't pay for a private school. But if the government could help me with some of the money out there for public education and put them in the school, I choose is apparent not what's dictated to by teachers unions. Now you're Are you a member of the teachers? You know, I'm not a member of the their union and Gary. I tell you what, you know it. Throughout this whole pandemic. I just I've been just thanking my lucky stars. I'm so thankful to have a job and to be able to go to work. I'm just I'm biting at the bit to get back in there and you see people in Dayton, part of the unions just out. You know, kicking up a bunch of dust about having to go back to their job. Gosh, I'm so thankful I have a job, man. Oh, yeah. You know, I feel the same way and, you know, I'm I'm thankful that I had the job. I'm thankful Mother Nature cooperated and rained out the Reds tonight so I could work. Because the bars again in Kentucky or shut down for God knows how long and he Bashir, the boy dictator says two weeks from trumpet like that went well, I mean, When years from now, centuries from now, when they unearth the tomb of Andy, Be sure this year and and all of the gold that's buried with him. They'll call him the boy dictator. Kind of like a kind of like a modern day Tutankhamen. Probably be a curse that comes with open up that two people. Well, I mean, there's been a curse with him as governor. So why wouldn't there be a curse after he's long dead? I understand completely. Now there's a chance that my wife and I may be in Ripley this weekend. Would you be anywhere around? What are you doing this weekend? Coming up this way? Got fast approaching. I had two shows booked this weekend in Kentucky, which got next. And I'm pretty much free. However, I am playing a show with them Songs off the album, part of Ah, songwriters circle over in a place in potato called the Bean and brew at six o'clock on Saturday. But other than that, I think I got some. I gotta carve out some Jerry get Jerry Jeff Walker snappers time. Bean and prove Octavius six o'clock. Harry Pedigo. Are you playing with the band or solo? Solo with all original songs. I think there's probably five or six other local musicians who will be participating. So how many tracks are on Dylan is dead. The new album, It's It's barely barely an album. Gary Jeff. It's Got eight tracks on There won't be No, No, no. If it's got three, it's an E P. If it's got eight, it's an album. There you go, and I like the musicians understand you get it, but Eight tracks on there, and you know you you all cut him down to like you cut them all down to like, three minutes and 30 seconds, so they'll be hits on the radio. Right? Exactly. It's the old sun Records, you know, mentality got to get that airplane man, but it's streaming everywhere. Gary, it's on Spotify and apple Music, Amazon YouTube rivers. Rever streaming and digital music is found. Fantastic. Well, I can't wait to hear it and Ah, and I can't wait for you to give me of the first copy that comes off the vinyl presses so I can play it on my record player at home. And Joe Biden will be proud of us. Sure, we'll make it. We'll make Daddy Joe problem. No doubt about it. Harry Pentagon as always, a pleasure. Thank you for taking some time at the last minute. On a reds rainout night and we'll talk to you again real soon..

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