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The kind of person standing time face to spam sanded taken over my place so big to found twee ooh face where you can go ahead iraq fielded a hundred forty characters butcha give my diction starts climb goethe refreshment because no it's kid i'm sure i like that in the six years that we have been doing this show that we have never once considered plate taking the segment out never once this is i think the only original segment that we do still all the other ones of sort of like gone by the wayside like we used to have a question of the night every week and then we just kind of gave up on it because wwe start doing papers every other week so yeah but i like how this has stated because well the one constant the one cost at in this show even though it moves segments it is the one confident one for six years go all right wb network witness the bruiser way pete done defend the wb uk championship against kylo riley on wb nfc right now only on the wb network kyle riley responds witness a grown man resort to grabbing another grown man's is it fingers.

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