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The motorcyclists was then transported to a local hospital where he went underwent emergency surgery. Medical officials determined. He's everday serious bodily injury Yeah i mean. I would say so. This is a just a reminder. I mean i know how bad these can be in. A lot of people can react in different ways. But you're not gonna do yourself any favors leaving the scene. And i just hope that. The driver zachary carpenter was not. I mean not under the influence of anything because you can see that sometimes with these things though like okay. Well i can't be drunk or or under the influence of whatever i'm on while i'm still here i have to get out and get gone Hopefully that was not the case but we wish nothing but the best for the driver of the motorcycle nother sad story from the sports world that broke yesterday. Former bronco's assistant greg. Knapp has died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. We're seeing more and more of this. The four wheels in two wheels. Former bronco's quarterbacks coach gregg nabbed died thursday morning five days after a bicycle accident in california when he was hit by a car knapp who was fifty eight and survived by his wife and three daughters was in his first year as the new york. Jets passing game specialist. He was broncos assistant from twenty thirteen to twenty sixteen serving under john. Fox and gary kubiak in a statement. The broncos said nab was an outstanding coach in an even better person in his. Four years is our quarterbacks coach. Gregg was an instrumental part of two super bowl appearances in our championship. Run and twenty fifteen. The job coaching or quarterbacks during superbowl fifty season was masterful. Greg was it a trusted confidant in the very definition of a quarterback whisper according to the jets nap never regained consciousness after saturday's accident after coaching at sacramento state nineteen eighty six to nineteen ninety-six nap..

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