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By anyone. Is this the quantity. Says the on top of the roof for three sons and says let anybody know that you can't do that The best sounded quarterly by an down. They want sit. It's the loner whose own child on the rocky five. I think that says the live is going to put you in your knees up to you to stand up for keep going so anyway. We'll be can be a powerful resource to make people go and keep going. I mean it's time we underestimate towel. Mesut show we'll powerful and carey so many people in be assisting award the trump we on entertainer. We have We had to keep on mind. That that's always leva can be can kentucky with all the people nest we also mindful. That's why the lights on the like movie. I like to being moving. That's too much it's bad. I don't like as i wanted to believe. Such supplies me hawkeness. Such for example. We were trying to make. The one is seen in foster back. Gather spied the my life. I totally the director and producer. What movie spot in. My life especially veto is any gone. After he served in italy in serving america and then that is some jews wife. is going to get there and find out human shafi situation and thing so support for message and we need to leave it there. I don't like it was happening. Might do like to share the message. Oh right on the. It's a it's happened everywhere. It's opera now in sometimes. People don't see the can be the person behind you beside you. That's best nestlings yes. Is this a new movie. That's coming out and wendy We have People join the board. The leg baytown we have elements case that we are talking to another brand washer to sponsor the movie The team is trying to secure the funding. Your idea defunding. There was a march twenty much descending. Training was not the best month right now so Now we are beckon truck team Tense later as later. Ten movie the want to produce these one of them. Okay awesome so what you tell me a time when you had maybe a failure and how you what you learn from it how how you got over it. While during the process to become a special forces captain. I got several failures. Because sometimes you do something wrong. They just because the only way to do that slurred for failure and But don lady or destroy you you still got still has something in my mind. That will soften some situation. I'm going to me You trust the justice to try to go forward and then have this thing's killian destroy you in the business asks the march fed or of course you have a lot of nil when you do a casting when you got sean you gotta bashing the accent on the beginning was something will stop me now because i was afraid that my see people are watched me and that's what this guy says especially in georgia and it was kind of my strong strongpoint. That's my accent. Yeah i can't cut the oxen to finding do an acting part cut doc center not totally erase that they can Podesta cow by never felt out of place. I never fell to this. He got somebody say all one of the country..

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