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If you choose to interact that way, we are wide open. This hour is just us girls. So feel free to fire way. And we'll we'll get into it here. The. Big story today, obviously is the Broncos closing in. We think on their next head coaching candidate. I think the the final blow here because. And i've. Don into this a little bit last hour, I'll get into again, the reports out of Baltimore because I don't know how many of you watched the chargers and the ravens game or listen to it here on extra sports thirteen hundred. And we're thinking that maybe not bringing back in Joe flacco was going to be the final straw in. Baltimore for steepest shoddy the owner. I thought at one point. That this was going to be the way it ended. Lamar Jackson struggling Joe flacco elite elite still a Super Bowl winning quarterback sitting on the bench and John Harbaugh did not even try to go to him. I thought maybe that was going to be it. And then maybe we would have this epic. Game of chicken between. John Elway in steepest shoddy on where the ravens try to get a pick out of the Broncos. But the Broncos are like, nah, we're we're good. We'll sit here and we'll wait. And I thought, but it looks like John Harbaugh will be reopening long-term in Baltimore. So there goes my ideal coaching candidate for the Broncos seems like the the whole flacco thing was kinda predetermined like we're done with this guy. So right. It was like Ken Lamar figure it out. You know, kind of a thing we care that this is a playoff game. You figure it out. Right. And. I kind of look the ravens are going to be better off. Having left. Lamar Jackson in that game. Because. I am big. And if the Broncos go tan, I'm just telling with a quarterback at ten I'm just telling you I will want him to play over case keenum next season. I am a huge play the rookie guy. So I looked at it. And I said the ravens are going to be better off having Lamar Jackson go through this game. Where he was I love the graphic that CBS put up that he added completed a pass and like two hours or something like that. Like that was just the ultimate troll job. But at the same time, I thought are the ravens looking for the future because they got Lamar Jackson. But it was kind of like a they traded back into the first round. It was kind of like a bonus. And they kind of reached for a guy because he was supposed to only go like second or third. But I, you know, and and I don't know that anyone would have faulted John Harbaugh for going to fly. Laco I saying all right. This isn't working. Let's put back in Joe flacco. So I thought well because then if he wins you the game then what do you do in the next game? You put flacco in. Or did you go back to Lamar? That's that's the problem. Right. You know, if you leave a little more, it's like this guy right for you know, again future versus president. So I thought that maybe that that decision or lack thereof would have done it in. I don't blame. I think it's ultimately the right? If I'm a ravens fan I wanted as tough as it was the watch I wanted Lamar Jackson to finish that game. Yeah. Because like you said Joe flacco is done in Baltimore. Yeah. So I want Lamar I wanted Lamar to come back in that game. And he is any didn't. But I thought for maybe the ravens ownership they would say, okay. This is this is our opportunity we talked about last year with Vance. Right. What's the right opportunity? It's not the right opportunity after a win to fire. Vance joseph. It's not the right opera. You know, it's the right opportunity if the ravens are going to go losing the way they did yesterday. I think would have been the spot. But the reports today say that John harvests going to be in Baltimore for a long time. Another head coaching candidate is off the board as the Packers are offering the head coaching job to Matt leflore. Alright. So he's off the board. It looks like. And then there was only one possible landing spot for Josh mcdaniels. Right. So that there's the first one. However, I don't believe that's a domino. You know? What I mean? Like, sometimes we see a higher signing. Yeah. Like what we're waiting for with baseball. Right. Like once Bryce signs, Dan. We'll see. Right. I don't know that the Packers going. I is the domino. Because I don't know that I didn't even know that the Packers were in on the floor that was one of their guys from the beginning. Okay. Yeah. I was thinking they were going more. I thought mcdaniels was the guy there. I thought he was going to be too. Yeah. But yeah, I don't think a lot of teams had floor. So I don't know that this is a domino. Sure. Be nice. I don't wanna wait. But it does help other teams because a one guys off the board and to all those guys did interview with the Packers have been told. No, right. Thanks, but no, thanks, which one of them was Chuck Pagano, by the way. Yeah. And Mike mon- check. So now, you know, one team you're not competing with right for those other guys. So with low floor off the board. And if you think about it the Packers of the scariest team to compete with. Of the teams that need a quarterback right or head coach right now. Or the Browns. It just depends on what on what your choices. Are you looking at? The. Team the best team with an opening could be the Packers. Because things went really sideways is. Yes. The most intriguing job is the Browns. I know you're not there yet. But it's still knowing you that is at cat is the most intriguing job. I don't care. What happens? It's always gonna be always gonna be the Browns. And that's a till they play more than sixteen games in this season. They're going to always be backgrounds and that's fair. I don't I don't bleed for Cleveland. So Matt leflore? Being becoming the next head coach of the Packers. As far as the Broncos go. John Elway still in Chicago. He will have dinner tonight with Vic Fangio. And we talked about this earlier the idea that the Broncos main candidates, if you believe Fangio Pagano in Mancha are the three guys that John Elway is down to especially now with with the not seen seeming that even a trade would pry Harbaugh away from a Baltimore. If those are the three guys. There's not a lot of interest. Packers were in were interviewed Pagano and Mont check. But to my knowledge it was the Packers Broncos for those two guys. And then for Fangio. It was only the Broncos are the dolphins and the dolphins this morning canceled their interview with Vic Fangio. I don't know if that also actor turn them down. The packers. No the dolphins. Turned out. So the dolphins were wanting to interview munch act too. Yeah. That makes a little bit better. And he said, no, I'm good now. No, I'm good. And then the report over the weekend about. Was it Schefter? Yeah. Was schefter. And Nick Rotschild the night were going back and forth, a little balance Twitter the other day about this. Mike munch hack would be interested in the Broncos job. If offered. Well, like, I'm sorry. Did we cross over into a world where people interview for jobs just for the hell of it that they don't even want the job? Why get seem like such a know type of report? Yeah. Yeah. Exact Taylor would be interested of us off of the job. Right. Well, yeah. Yes. I would why did you take the time? Right. Is why is Mike munch putting up a front for a guy like Mike much because he had to come to Denver, right? Mike Mon check is saying. Okay. I'm not going to be interested in the job. Because then if they don't offer it to me, then I don't feel bad. But if they offer it to me, then I'll be interviewing practice, right? I wanna give my skills. So speaking of interviews we talked about Gary kubiak. Being blocked for. Yes. There's a report that the bills are interested in Sean Kugler the offensive line coach of the Broncos say. Happening. And then I saw the and the reason was they wanted to see if the new coach wanted to keep him. Yeah. Okay. Like to me it all didn't work. All of it. And that and that's the thing is that it wasn't just Vance. It was Bill musk grave, and it was Joe woods. And it was Sean Kugler. And it was I was all of them. So it's like let him especially when you look at the penalties. Right. It's. Yeah. Of all the position groups to say, no, I mean, the optics of it or like, why would the Broncos do that? But in theory, it makes sense. Like, look, you got a guy under contract, you're about to hire a new head coach if he likes Sean Kugler, then let them keep Sean Kugler. Why would you let him go? And then all of a sudden, you know, Chuck Pagano comes and he's like, you know, what I really want. Sean Kugler and John Elway looks around. He was like, oh, well, we just kind of let him go to the bills. So I get it. But it looks like the Broncos are like desperately hanging on to their coaches from last year that were all terrible. So. John Elway meeting with Vic Fangio tonight in its Pagano. It's munch shack. And it's it's Fangio. So I just don't I just don't know if any if it's any of those hires is going to instill confidence and excitement and Broncos fans. So so here here's something this game for me. And report the second place the runner up for the head coach of the Packers. Todd mahnken. The buccaneers books offensive coordinator. I don't know how that team that go goes foreign twelve or whatever they went and. Todd Mahnken was a hot candidate. But a lot of people were talking about Mahnken look. You need to be able to talk to Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers is not going to want to go to some defensive coordinator guy in talk about Ave because he's just not gonna listen. Right. And even as I say that your job is to be a yes man to Aaron Rodgers. So I get that the second-place guy was an offensive coordinator. I know that I look at the box, and I go, whoa. I need to get me. Some of that. Right. The offensive minded guy is is interesting. I mean, we're we're closing in on on this thing with the with the Broncos. I expect the Broncos to go because look they're not. Were they waiting for once they're done with Fangio? What candidate is suddenly going to do you wait for McCarthy to maybe not go to the Browns and jets? But like, why would the jets not? Yeah. You know, what I mean like, so I just don't know what the Broncos are waiting for. I think we know tomorrow. Who the next head coach of the Denver Broncos. I don't understand why you would drag it out any further especially with the report today and that John Harbaugh is gonna stay in Baltimore. And I'm trying to decide because I didn't get off to a very good start with the last guy. So I said, you know, what I'm going to open my mind up a little bit for this next one. But I. I just don't I just look at Mancha can look Gano, and I just can't get super excited about it. Bon checks, certainly if he's the guy then I can't I can't get on board with now because he was all in all of failure. And is relatively short times. Coach at least Pagano has a record. We picked it apart last week now. But at least he has one I will say that munch was in kind of a knock great situation with Tennessee. Just because but Adams was. Maybe he was kind of an Al Davis or I guess, Mark. Davis type guy were like two hands on. And so it was a difficult situation for him in air in Tennessee. So. But I mean, he has a really wild since then either you know, is an offensive line coach. Yeah. He's an offensive coordinator anywhere. I think you can. I think Fangio's the easiest one to sell. I really do. I from what I've heard for many of you. And I welcome your thoughts. Bears tenure right? But. What I have heard from is that you guys want Zack Taylor because you you say, let's let's do what the cardinals are doing in all these. And let's try swing for the fences and get the next potential. Sean McVeigh to me. I don't know how practical that is because I think it's tough. I I think Fangio's in easier sell. I think if if I came on the air after this commercial break and said Vic Fangio has just been named the head coach of the Denver Broncos. I think some of you would go. Okay. All right. Okay. All right veteran quarterback would work. Well, I think with kubiak. Well liked by players. Okay. I can get on board. But check I just don't I don't understand. Why the Broncos would float out there that he was the favourite like nobody is going to get excited, except mon- checks grandchildren who live in Colorado. I think like I don't think anyone's going to get excited about that. And I think that that is a very real thing when you have the most no-shows that you have had at that stadium. Since Josh mcdaniels was here. So. I think I I think that Pagano in Fangio, you can get that. Through the fans, but I think the fans really want the home run swing. I think they want. Somebody like Zack Taylor two eight six zero zero four six could be wrong. Tell me.

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