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We were in the seventies my dad used to be a truck driver and we would stop off and go to the restaurant where we didn't have a break and everything and then back in the seventies there once all the rest areas that they used to be well we got off and i saw two read i i didn't even know tarantulas had i but they got him and they just got closer and closer like that says get away from their you know hurry up and finish the tarantula and sure enough my brother being smaller you gotta rock and threw it at it that torrential elite between me and my dad and we both riding up to the truck on the road we wouldn't we wouldn't even go into san we stayed on the road cars by everything honky now today we we didn't want to get closer to threats the new release they weren't the two foot big tarantulas that we were talking about earlier they come yes two and they have seen them where their all black they like to hiding pres but you know they're there because they likes to rattle the tree limbs they they they know when there's a bad spirit or they know when somebody's gonna die in your house and they get they get next to your house or your tree and these stay there because they're the ones to carry off the spirit shamans and the engines were the ones who i thought of these they used to be these be raisins condors texas turkeys you know something big you know with a large wingspan the chew stuff appreciate that men well i'm going to try and squeak transcribes in a couple of other callers here so before we get to the top of the hour and just hope that at some point we can get back on again hey murphy in bar sto knows a little bit about what those the caves we were talking about earlier some of the cays i was a firefighter for the stage for about twenty eight years and happen to live in north india area but i've been all over those mountains up there all i mean all over southern california but you know the stories of patton with his paint training in toronto summit and desert center there are quite as uk's out there that the government actually built in the.

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