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RFL Seattle okay all you want to go one for one here so if I name one then you name one note no looking it up right hands up in the air hands up now hands up no googling all right you wanna go first down know your Google Ising Toronto Argonauts all right so I'm gonna say the stampede the Calgary stampede and that one is anyone checking me out said that's one the Montreal Alouettes that's one more man can I go now it is difficult to football is it there are all Roughriders yes but where since catcher Juan headers quote that the Roughriders come on it is a rough riders I'll take the nickname that's fine all right the Roughriders yeah Carl Sagan you know the the Grasse Tyson deal mountain my bet on that where the Roughriders from any a human right with his schedule okay cool perfect album up to you well man the Roughriders the boy Fadhel rough runners for the way G. man how can I give you a defunct team can I give you now can I give you a city yes okay Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg the Winnipeg blue bombers that's right right it's still wins good job man give us a largest city see all right cats all right all right laws go say Hamilton oh no I'm not gonna say it Edmonton Alberta Edmonton hello let's not at that's Montreal you said that you can't have aloe it's all throughout Canada the Eskimos it's the Eskimos one day ago by the way there was a CFL team in Baltimore Baltimore Maryland did you know really that's correct yeah the Baltimore stallions how long ago it was not that long ago was in the nineties at least they were around yeah I know that yes they go so well now we have to pull the Baltimore stallions tonight so very well so Gee you in that one excellent already living with John Evan yesterday on the fan in terms of a season they're working towards it and he is pretty optimistic I feel you know very optimistic because I have that doesn't mean that it's a it's a done deal that it's gonna happen but I think that there are a lot a lot of very motivated people you know by the commissioner and all of the clubs were doing everything they possibly can I wrote down hopeful and of course changes lie like and want to see so yesterday you made it through the whole show without doing it and you nailed one in the nine o'clock hour the same thing today you know by the way the CFL had many American teams such as Baltimore wells well they have the Las Vegas posse they had the Shreveport pirates the Sacramento gold miners how long ago is army Birmingham at barracuda is the Memphis mad dogs and then San Antonio Texans but it never took off nineteen ninety five actually I have no record of the three ninety four ninety five well interesting okay here's another Levin in terms of how many games should be looking at if they can get this thing started eighty eighty one eighty two you know ninety games I think that's that's reasonable at where we are today you know there are some people say you know play from the war on three October and you know start the playoffs in November so all of those things around the discussion about a time frame for when they could start I think you know people work hard and there's a lot of people working hard and and you can reach agreements I thinking come together pretty quickly and I really do and a conversation earlier you guys were having was what with the season look like could they make changes towards the way the schedule looks rules things of that nature he says yeah I think it this is such a a a a awkward near you know tragic gear that it may give us an opportunity to take a look and an experiment without the tanks you can hear the WFAN dot com images last hour cal Ripken on the major Garrett podcast he was shot about he was I can see if he was asked about sign stealing in baseball and Rifkin says there's a way to deal with it you basically tricked the batter in a really harsh way television to up without a curve ball hitter to tell secrets Ritter he got a second tells the head of the curveballs coming up it's right here I find that there are and now basically Ripken said at that point sign stealing over I will tell you that you break the trust between that's that sign stealing scheme that's going on in your head or neck I give you the next time you got to say I wonder if it's really gonna be a fast for breaking ball and then I think he went he's got well he's talking about a guy on second base is right about a camera out in center field well either way on a trash him you're right but if you think that their ceilings the stealing signs all you have to do is switch him up and one ninety eight mile an hour fastballs up over your head when they're expecting a curve ball and you will start thinking again about what you're hearing or seeing from people well the hearing is is is not thought to know that you're getting the signs yeah that's the key that's why you have an M. I. T. guy our Harvard guy do it you're right right but think about everything with the Astros we heard wrist whispers and rumblings about it for time and time and time and no one ever did anything about it yeah the Astros speaking of the Astros how happy are they that they are most likely going to be no fans in the stands yeah that's very true for them you're not yeah about that just real quick on a running out of time here the NHL eyeing a twenty fourteen to twenty minutes now instead of finishing the regular season looks like that's if they can get things started that's the direction they will go in I do I have time for a couple more clips are now going to get a channel for all I care to go okay great so we've got the golf match between tiger Phil Brady and manning and now Payton started all the trash talking yesterday with T. and T. on assume conference that was all over social media and they're gonna play this in Florida and manning says well yeah of course we are in the course turn it had to be in Florida you know after Tom's any arrest it was manning continued on the venue a little more tired I talked to the sheriff in Tampa he's going to be allowed to go to Palm Beach I'll be honest I've never played oil on his home turf and so maybe this is considered a neutral site now he was also talking about what could have been a possible site for the match yeah I would have loved to have had this tournament in a place where it all like Tom very much Indianapolis for Boston after he does the trade them and broke their Adrian fans hate him now and then the last one is basically the competition of the event I think the teams are fair but they Phil chose the right partner in Tom together you know they have eleven championships tiger and I have seventeen fifteen into basically what our state is how come Thomas was Tom saying anything during any of this or is this just the other guys are all boring I'm right and I'm sure they did it but what went on on a qualifier but was very popular was manning ripping on Brady there was one clip of Mickelson having fun with tiger is expensive the way it was put out there I recorded it listen to it there's nothing there so I'm sure they did speak but that's pretty much what we got so now we have fun with Peyton manning time now for a moment of the day brought you by resorts world nominate your frontline hero by visiting the resorts world Catskills and resorts world NYC Facebook pages so today we had a little bit of fun we basically played how will you know your co worker and one question at the end was quite puzzling for some what was the coolest sports give that any received at WFAN and from home that.

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