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Span radio we're gonna move the trade. Now we, can start, with the, Senator President Donald Trump has. Been fighting trade battles across the world and is taking a toll on Nebraska's farmers you support, legislation that would give congress more decision making authority over Trade Center you know. It's about time that we have a. President and an administration step up, and take a stand. Against the Chinese for example on trade they. Cheat they steal our intellectual property. They steal our patent and. I'm glad that. We're finally finally working. On some tough deals here but we also know that tariffs. Are not the way to go on this. We need to protect our eg Konami we need to protect our manufacturers but not, with tariffs we want, to have a level playing field we want free and fair trade we can compete with anybody I'm a rancher I'm looking Around here, I see somebody ranchers and farmers here this is what. We do we produce the safest. Healthiest most nutritious in the best tasting. Food around and we can compete with anybody but we need to have that level playing field you. Know I just heard before I came out here that we're going to be. Hearing some, good news on NAFTA we're going to be hearing some good news on what the president's been doing in dealings. With Mexico, the Mexicans, have come, out with a statement in. My conversations with president over the last several months that's what I've encouraged him to do because, those bilateral agreements are important and hopefully next we're getting the Canadians on board. As well same question to you continental. Will you know around the country, we are seeing things. That are improving but some things are getting. Much much worse particularly for our. Producers Senator Fisher voted against. The Toomey Bill. That would Would have ended this Washington, made trade war from turning into this washing ten. Made farm, crisis you know I am so proud of the resilience of our farmers you know not only do they. Feed the world they fuel the world that makes Nebraska an economic superpower and that is something that. We should be so proud of but you know what our farmers are telling us they want trade. They don't wanna bail out they don't want aid they want trade and. That's what we need to do we need to elect a. Senator who's gonna fight. For our Nebraska economy, rather than listening, to her party leaders and party bosses, Democratic Senate candidate Jane rebelled let's move onto, the Bill I was, brought up and he would you like. To respond Thank you there was no vote on the Toomey Bill. I supported that farm bureau. In fact. Came out and and made it known that I did support that with that amendment dealt with was a section only a section where the president has power. Under section, two thirty two to declare a national security interests when. He would, impose a tariff that needs to be, a power that congress is able to review I supported that members of congress know that and there was no vote. On that all right it's time for our first, commercial break when, we come back in two. Minutes the candidates will, ask each other a question you're watching debate for US. Senate on cable TV three news now and the Omaha world herald and this debate is between incumbent Senator Deb Fischer running for a second term, the Republican. Challenger is Jane Ray bowled. A democrat will return to the debate in just a moment On c..

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