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I saw a lot of activity on shower on Saturday I'm still screw up with days or it's too early for Christmas music so we cram it all into three weeks now that's that's going to be acceptable time what a joke the son of man Jean bell jingle bell jingle bell rock jingle bells for me I didn't know the words I just threw up there all I know is this don't be the guy complain about Christmas music in November embrace it or take a lap it is a Sean rash on CBS sports radio we will get into your NFL picks next I am a whopping six and six the last three weeks since we started picking among the strong ratio just mediocre about the story of my life where to do Europe connect for your four pics single around the rest of the day's action is a big football Sunday awaits but first your latest sports update here's Justin shackle sports way many would love to have time share broad and that's essentially what the Jacksonville Jaguars have at London's Wembley Stadium where they're playing a home game for a second consecutive season Doug world squad get ready for an early morning we can kick off against a Sean what's in the Texans I mean we're just comfortable with that I don't I don't know it because you don't really know what's going on with the other team what they're doing and we feel very comfortable coming out here we have a pretty much a set routine we know we're gonna work out we know the field we don't ride we know the hotel I disagree those things help it's one less thing to maybe having society about and you're able to focus on playing the game they took off from London this morning coming up at nine thirty eastern six thirty Pacific Adam Schefter reports Vikings receiver and feelings expected a play against the chief same goes for Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson against the bears chapters also reporting what has been hinted at all week chiefs quarterback Patrick homes it is expected to miss his second straight week of action it'll likely be met more starting against Minnesota college football no problems for number seven Oregon last night on the road at U. I. C. cornerback Justin Herber connecting with Joe on Johnson for three touchdowns the ducks question the Trojans fifty six to twenty fourth number eight Georgia holding off seventh ranked Florida twenty four seventeen number.

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