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Now traffic and weather on the AIDS. We go to reading Kessler and the W T O be Traffic center. My bad trips throughout the area. Right now we do have some work setting up on the Beltway. This is the outer loop of the Beltway After all, Georgetown Road. The work before the big curve was reported to be in the right lane thing, a little bit of volume there. The earlier delay on the outer loop any passion. Georgia Avenue has completely cleared that earlier work is cleared out of the roadway and the out of Libya, The Baltimore Washington Parkway, There had been reports of a mattress along the right side of the roadway. They may have managed to move it out of the roadway inner loop after fifties where we last saw the mobile street sweeping crew along the right side, they may actually be between 2 14 Central Avenue in Pennsylvania Avenue at this point Also in Maryland in Mount Clara Barton Park Way before the Glen Echo turned around, it was a right side getting by the crash, South bound Baltimore Washington Parkway After 4 50 closer to 20 to the sign work is set up in the right lane South bound to 70 delays approaching and passing 28 the work in the right lane. It also takes the left lane of the local lanes and the South bound to 70 spur. After Democracy Boulevard. The left H O V. Lane was blocked with the work zone. The westbound span of the Bay Bridge, the left leaning three blocked for 28. Perfect prep. They are not yet running two way traffic, and there is no work on the eastbound span of the bridge. Also in Virginia, north bound 3 95 on the inbound 14th Street Bridge. Watch for any work to be set up after you get through their crossing The case bridge onto the Southeast Southwest Freeway runs well, South on D. C. To 95 No major problems from Benning Road toward the 11th Street Bridge and I to 95 in good shape Right now, North bound, seeing a little bit of a delay toward the Suitland Parkway, where there's usually some work set up w T o P Reporters. They're driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and save money on you. Toyota Sundays and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com Transparency You can trust I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P Traffic. All right, Let's check it out with Storm team forced Chuck Bell. Good morning. Still a lot of clouds outside a snowflake or a Sprinkle of rain Not completely out of the question. Temperatures are still in the upper twenties to.

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