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But don't get upset. So let's just go. I don't love him. No, I'm I don't hand out face. You better lay back with my mind on my money, my money or my shit. Get down! Get down! Get laid back with my mind on my morning morning morning. Laid back with my mind on my money, my money, My mom see it with my mind on my money, My money, my real 92 for you. You can kiss me Brad Traffic Center. Good morning Delays in acting due to a sigalert on the 14th South Bend it from Valley Road that you write lanes are closed due to flooding it to stop and go ride from Santiago. Load. This report is sponsored by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. If you get covert 19 at work, you have the right to take paid sick Leave. If you're sick, Stay home and take care of your health and others around you to learn more about your workplace rights. Visit d i r dot si dot com Forward slash Cove it I'm Lonnie Swain with traffic on Real 92 3 Elia's new home for hip hop. Any credit card can offer cash back, but only discover matches all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year. It's like getting one of those birthday cards that shaped like cash. So you already know there's cash inside before opening it. But in this case, it's stuffed with your first year cash back matched and you don't even have.

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