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So you know my my little nephew had a good quote. He's eleven he said i. I like everything in it. I said really what i said. What didn't you like you said. Well i like the rice in the egg. Didn't like anything else trying to be nice. Yeah well we'll find out at this. Made thunders top meal or not coming up Let's go to mitch. How did the spicy or excuse me the saucy buddha balls work for you. Well i'm gonna start. Let's talk about this for two seconds. I made both Fantastic i think that especially the fact that there there is so much spice and flavor to them like it really made the really tasty right so it wasn't just roasted vegetables. Like just a little bit of that sasco a really long way and that was really kinda cool and i mixed them up a little bit. That was kind of fun. So the thing i tried. This week was Thunder last week had mentioned. Hey you could make it easier if you just got frozen veg. Right and I live in a household where someone told me that like cheating. And i was like excuse me like whatever makes this work better right so sure enough. I grabbed Frozen cauliflower frozen. Sweet potatoes some pre-prepared some of the Zucchini they had them all sliced up already in the grocery store and it wasn't that much more expensive. If at all right. I didn't do the full price Pricing out of everything but to able to just come home and like maybe kuttan onion and throw everything together and be able to get this done in like ten minutes. It took for the couscous to cook. And the twenty minutes it took to roast everything like that was worth it to me. That is something that i will. I will never forget because it's just like sometimes. Eating healthy seems to take a lot of work a lot of shopping..

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