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It's always been what's the word horrendous so from mass displacement, a sort of informal but very welcome biological warfare, straight genocide enslavement, more placement, more murder and endless theft. We have a much to be ashamed of and not one God damn thing to be proud of sense the day Christopher Columbus set his buckled shoe on what he thought was the shore of India. Today's segment is another thread that tapestry of pain I'm sorry to say. As? As we know via actual science, the indigenous peoples of these continents the Americas are descended from Asian immigrants who crossed into North America quite some time ago. It. Has Long been estimated that was like fifteen thousand years but there's this really crazy new evidence that it might be thirty thousand years or more. And also, this is fascinating. New Science suggests that Americans have an ancient line of Polynesian DNA. which is cool. Under I wonder about thirty thousand year thing. We're there even Jews then. There's always there always will be. Yet I was just GonNa say spoiler alert about the Polynesian DNA. Polynesian. Still. Not. Jewish. So. That's cool. Anyway, indigenous Americans were very much here I and they are of Asian ancestry. Those are conclusively true facts except maybe they aren't. On, let's for a moment. Ignore all the archaeology anthropology in ironclad DNA research done by countless researchers and scientists over decades. And turn rather to the ideas of a hick with almost no education born twenty miles north north of nowhere eighteen o five. This learned fellow concluded via a huge Golden Book. He found out past the back fence. That no one else ever saw written a language that never existed which he translated with some magic spectacles. Oh, wait. No. Actually Iraq in his top hat that actually indigenous Americans are descended from a single family of Jewish. Seafarers that landed here around six hundred BC. No. Dear listeners, they are not descended from jared's brother and his brother jared who came across the Atlantic fourteen hundred years before that in eight combination barnyard cement mixers discussed in episode one, forty, six, those immigrant. Jews all out. Just. Miraculously, not in their suicidally submarines. All the proof you need of this peer reviewed book totally true shut up science still bafflingly believed by millions of people with good education's is called simply. The book of Mormon. Of a listener listening to this segment this is the first episode of the show. To just. By what what what is happening? Stroke. kind of so cut to the mid eighteen, forty s and active land violent conquest brought some folks called the Mormons.

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