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Senate I'm Pam who sell fox news a three trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill approved by house Democrats last night the package would send billions of dollars to struggling states and cities it would also put more money in the pockets of Americans the heroes act has a strategic plan something that has been a lot lacking thus far a strategic plan with the vision house speaker Nancy Pelosi the enormous measure would cost more than the four previous virus stimulus bills Republicans liken it to a liberal wish list Oklahoma Republican congressman Tom Cole called it the democratic policy agenda masquerading as a response to the corona virus crisis it would make more sense in my view madam speaker just send it straight to Santa Claus and descended to the United States Senate have a better chance of becoming law that way the fact is dead on arrival in the Senate and facing a veto threat from president trump has made it a heavier lift for leading house Democrats Sox's Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill another party line vote allows proxy voting for house members during the pandemic Republican leaders are opposed claiming the proposal is not bipartisan sets a dangerous precedent in undermines millions of essential workers who continue to show up for their jobs Sox's Jared Halpern Democrats are blasting a late night move made by the White House president trump has fired state department inspector general Steve Blake claiming the IG no longer had his full confidence but house foreign affairs committee chairman angle he's saying link was fired in part as retaliation for opening an unspecified investigation into secretary of state Mike Pompeii out fox's Sean Langille congressman Engel calls the IG's removal outrageous and dangerous that takes effect in thirty days America is listening to fox news from the Florida federal credit union home once traffic center looking at a great ride this morning about the Tampa Bay area across all major roadways and interstates no delays to tell you about right now on I. four to seventy five or on I. seventy five things were looking great and currently at the speed across all of your area bridges no delays right now down on the Citrix guy we bridge if you to head into or out of the Tampa area things are also up to speed up this high level the someone in the veterans expressway.

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