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Now wilken we're not talking about you bill and i'm sad to say you're not in the non we got some people road to the rison said that they disagreed with your review of annabel the creatively i didn't see that kept we will so they thought it was it loved it honor your kids were good thank you loved it i don't i tell you so this the guy who directed at me ask you something shell like conjuring to people because that was not great in everybody seemed to love the conjuring too i liked it apart from that one folk song scene those were the best scenes because i was like what the fuck is happening he staring out a window and i started the joke is playing strategy and he's over the scene where he's just painting the non yes likewise patrick wilson painting all of a sudden this wasn't patrick wilson an awesome bill wilkins this was bill waterson he's an actor he grown director this movie stars nick thune is a comedian adam bush who is one of the nerds in season six of buffy he's plays warren and buffy and durables i love him he's the best part of this move fuzzy be advice he knows yes also the guy from okay go is in it not damien alba are not yet not to pronounce now can i ask you a question was he acting like a pretentious or is that maybe i don't know higa yeah this movie looks like an area from okay go yeah it looks like an okay go music video yes and then an actress name miro keat come bonnie who i've never seen before and stephanie lindh who was opposite the okay go guy.

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