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On the field is being challenged cry tennessee the bells they're up ten nothing and charles clay appeared just get a first down four buffalo emcee got to wake up now yeah and that's were waiting for waiting for the chiefs to wake up in kind of show at the magic they had early on this either so far we haven't had it on the other side you've got the buffalo bills who are up ten nothing playing better now that they have their quarterback back at the hale as right tara taylor the guy probably should have been in there from the first place the jets are hanging tough with the carolina panthers it's nine three carolina was six minutes ago the first half yeah and like you said we talked about much the same up new i want the carolina panthers the do better against the jet the jets a plan okay they really haven't impose their dominance on them yet and if they're carotene that we think they are and the team of we expect them to be with an elite quarterback vinny do that more often kelly just thrilled a law a forty plus the arc they'll go poured the philadelphia eagles act there was a point they didn't know he was going to be able to play in this game after suffering concussion last week's game that extent their lead to seventy nothing yeah and the eagles are doing exactly what we we thought the eagles withdrew from the beginning of this game what they've done all year which is play wales south football carson went this and that team and ed won't step it up and make it a play the detainees the make them and that's why they're the one of the best teams in the nfl if not the beth the let's if i could fight softens had patriot's day one seven lead in so far literally hawk best offense for the miami dolphins has been their defense the only points they have came when tom brady there was a a center a quarterback exchange issue the patriots actually don't have their starting center today david andrews though on a a play in which there was a shock at zaporozhie just wasn't looking like he was to try to make a cheque cno to scoop its store exactly and.

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