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Authenticity lao people use that word so freely and when i think about barbecue for instance tyson ho he owns arrogant swine he's a new yorker that is so happens to be asian who's doing great carolina style barbecue i think his places authentic i think it's i think it's blazes authentic i think his food is speaks to my soul but also when he talks about his place and he talks about his barbecue you can just feel a he's real about it he's not trying to make a book he's not trying to get an award he's not trying to like get the next big book deal you can feel it and when i look at people like rodney scott who's a pit master who is based in south carolina and howard conyers who is from south carolina whose in new orleans these are folks who are doing barbecue because it's inside of them they don't even have to speak it they don't have to say it they can tasted in their food also like to get a vibe nc while can i really feel this person's passion they have to have passion do you only get the pork dish on them on the barbecue menu eu gourd you try chicken do try brisket deathrow recourse is i think everyone keeps talking about the pork and thumbs i go for the chicken but i'm like i had a rethink my whole prochurch i always acclaimed brisket to a very texas thing owner and i i equate whole hog which means roasting or barbecue the whole.

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