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Welcome magic much citation the long shift production of South Gamini agree. You can find us at W._W._W.. Dot Southgate Media Group Dot Music Nick is tyrant by Kevin McQuillan of in Cobb UTECH dot com royalty free music as long as you give the dude his props this episode of Magic Monday is brought to you by tweet audio talk to you know podcast and totally awesome headphones thirty percent off and free shipping head over tweet audio dot com and in the checkout box type south or you get get there through at South Media Group DOT com. There's episode is also brought to you by where you can find us at support us by typing in the search far dog Kevin Launch. I'm sure <hes> all right is that I'm the League in time for Magic Budget Monday with me your host Kevin Law today. We are going to look at the top of sailing found on page one eighty eight of the encyclopedia Magika but it was originally found in the book of Marvelous Magic. It's X.. P. Value is one thousand and it's G._P.. Value is five thousand and I think this is totally acceptable for what you yet at the price you get it for so the TUB is identical to a tub of land on sorry a tub of Lard but it can't create anything if placed in any liquid it floats and can support up five hundred pounds of weight without sinking if a creature sits in the TUB and commanded to sell it moves a movement rate of eighteen inches was not affected by wind but it is easily damaged five points for the. Hall and Armor Class Nine. I don't know where I would put this in a game but if I was a player and I found one or had the opportunity to buy one it would be great because the character I would play the bought at this would be barred and as I floated down the river I would get three of my companions and I would sing rubber dub dub three dudes in tub or rolling down the river alright. There is not much here but that is the tub of sailing so for me myself deny Mahalo and have a great day. I started on this at the beginning of the show but I totally forgotten. That's why I need to start writing things down. The first thing is I have a coffee now so go to coffee DOT COM and. Search the Kevin Long show are just click on the link in the show notes also if you haven't seen the video that I did this morning about mystic games and the kickstarter they're doing for the Moebius Dick deck of wonders. It's a forty card deck of wondrous items. I'm excited about it. I did an interview with them but storage rush on Lisbon is limited because the last interview I did was really big but I want to get the word out there because the kickstarter starts on July sixteenth and I won't have enough room to put the interview you up until August first so head over to twitter on the Kevin Long S. H.. One and check it out or just search mystic stick dragging games and check out what they've got so again for me myself and I and in this case mystic gay mystic dragging Games Mahalo and have a great day again thank you.

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