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Broadly distributed what I consider to be a very troubling email. I have a copy of that email next to me. Let me read from a part of the email. The email says that hiring practices have developed inside the State Department so that and I'll quote that certain candidates could not be hired because they have a disability. They are white men. They are straight white men. They are not of the quote right religion. All of these are verbatim quotes from the email of a senior State Department official. My first question to you is, did you clear this guidance? Thank you for the question senator. I've never seen that before. You've never seen the email before. I've never seen it. So you didn't know it had been sent. This is the first time I'm seeing it, sir. Well, there you go. We were talking about that mirror moments ago. That was the audio from senator Ted Cruz, questioning the State Department over these emails that have been circulating, telling straight white guys who are of a certain religious belief that they are not qualified to take jobs. Just unbelievable, we'll get into that a little bit later. I do want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Our good friend from the great state of Ohio, congressman Jim Jordan, joins us congressman, I guess if you're a white guy, you're not welcome at the State Department. No need to apply, I guess, huh? Wow, I didn't realize that. That's pretty darn interesting, but again, with the political nature of this entire administration, we've seen it over the Justice Department targeting parent, the things we see from the information we released yesterday about them juice in the numbers on domestic terrorist category catalog cases. So I guess it shouldn't surprise us. Yeah, I want to talk about that letter that you guys have written to Christopher wray over at the FBI. So the allegation from whistleblowers is that they were boosting those domestic violent extremist extremism cases. What's going on there? Well, they set up this office. And so now that I guess you got a big fancy new office, that's focused on this area of type of cases, then you got to have to have the numbers to justify it. And it sounds like that's what they're doing. Plus, this is part of the less political narrative today that anyone is a conservative is somehow a threat, it's ridiculous. But I think the other takeaway is there's quickly becoming a well worn path of FBI whistleblowers coming to our Republicans on the judiciary committee and talking about political things going on at the Justice Department. We've had multiple whistleblowers come to us on the school boards issue. We've had now multiple whistleblowers come to us on this issue. So I just find that is the fact that it's been over a dozen whistleblowers to come to. In my time in Congress, we've never had anything like that all from one agency because again, it's now become so political under the Biden administration. And congressman, don't forget about the other whistleblower who came forward saying that FBI bosses were telling them to shut down a lot of this Hunter Biden dirt. Yeah. So that is the whistleblower who came to senator grassley a great that you brought that up because it's interesting, Todd, the same person, senator gradually references in his letter at the FBI who whistleblowers have talked about this same person. Timothy T bolt, this individual who suppressed evidence that was verifiable about the Hunter Biden issue in 2020. That same person is the individual, our whistleblowers tell us is pressuring them to juice up the numbers of cases that they categorize categorize as domestic violence or excuse me domestic terrorism cases. So that same individual is at the heart of both of these stories, which again, I think, is kind of frightening if this individual has this much influence in the justice department. When you look at the broad picture here, congressman and again, the idea that they're going after moms and dads who went to school board meetings. They have been behind and doing some very questionable things going over, let's talk about the Michigan governor and the alleged kidnapping plot, which the FBI was apparently behind. We still don't know how many FBI agents were involved in the planning or the execution of what happened on January the 6th is this an agency that can be salvaged and repaired or does it need to be dismantled and rebuilt. Well, you definitely need new leadership and we need to continue to get the facts and the truth to the American people. We may need to look at if in fact the American people put us in the majority in the Congress next year, we may need to look at the appropriations process and how that interacts with the Justice Department. I still believe that the vast vast vast majority of agents are good people doing great work for the American for our country. But that the folks at the top have been the problem. Just a couple of years ago when it was Comey and mccabe and straw and page and all these individuals. So that has been the problem. And frankly, you can't really fix all that until you get a new president until president Trump runs again and wins..

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