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Let's move onto conservative leader. Andrew Scheer the issue of affordability big one in this election yeah and it was a big theme through all the queuing it was Brian Stewart from British Columbia Ashir what he would you to put more money back into the pockets of ordinary. Canadians and sheer talked about different types of tax rebates. He's like immediately went into this bringing back to the green public transit tax credit. We're GONNA TAKE THE GST and H. T. Off of home heating bills we're going to bring in the green home renovation tax credit that will light my wife and I don't own a home like thousands of Canadians ratings. We rent in the last two years alone. We've been at moved twice because of addictions. RENTA's increased from about thirty five percent of our after tax income to almost sixty percent in eighteen months. We can't save green home. Renovations and the pursuit of homeownership keeps going away away away from US sixty sixty percent of his after-tax take home. That was an extraordinary number. you know as you mentioned the. Conservatives have framed their whole campaign around making life more affordable. The ball did Brian seemed satisfied with the answers that he was getting well so Brian is from surrogacy which might explain why things are so expensive for him at least partly and obviously was very nervous and very passionate about trying to get some answers and I think he reflects a lot of Canadians concerns that they're getting by but just you know just and at he's in his forties early forties the the idea that he could ever own a home is pretty pretty much nonexistent for him. What understeer told Brian so one of the things that I've announced that we are going to rework the stress test. it's had a lot of unintended consequences and we're going to bring back thirty year mortgages for first time home buyers making that the dream of homeownership were acceptable. Now that is something that was in place back in two thousand was an eight and that in Florida the former finance minister tightened up because there was so much turmoil in the world and there was a housing bubble that collapsed and so they moved to twenty five year amortization so when when sheer after he had mentioned these tax credits that wouldn't be of any use to Brian when she said well. We've also got this. That was quite good. Brian was quite pleased with the answer and thought that maybe there would be some opportunities for him so that was that was an interesting moment because they're almost wasn't answer right Brian. I I find this discussion and I find this discussion interesting and I know we could use an entire podcast around it because I know there are also criticisms of making organization because you could drive prices up because more people are coming into the market so you know this issue in and of itself as any. If you can't afford Gortat then why would you maybe you shouldn't be having a WHO's fried ears it can it can in terms of public policy. There's lots of questions about whether it makes sense. I'm talking about cost of living challenges. There's also this really great exchange thought between jug meet saying and Sunny Rashwan an so sunny he's in the finance industry. I think he was was essentially pressing saying on how the DP is going to pay for. All of these promises that they're making to make your life more affordable. It's good to see that the MVP is coming around now now and saying hey guys we'll give you nine billion dollars in national debt to care program few billion dollars spent on farmers program. Affordability is already hard all right. How do I know how do we know how the MVP is going to pay for billions and billions and billions of promises over and above what we already have and what were your thoughts. What's when you were watching that exchange yeah he was good. I actually saw he and he he wanted more than five minutes actually he he he kept saying to me. I have a note district. Will I think he wanted assurances that that these huge costly public services that the enemy is promising mostly the universal whether it daycare or Pharma care would not come back to bite him in the bud or his kids and the Butler by having to somehow dig us out of a hole and raises taxes. We actually increased revenue on the super rich as well as the wealthiest okay so that means you will raise my taxes. It's not at all not at all. Not One percent not not one person. You won't rack up anymore. No we're going to close offshore tax havens. We're GONNA do all sorts of things that that means it will have more revenue the thing that Jagmeet Singh didn't didn't and and wasn't willing to talk about was what would be an acceptable deficit right at the end EP or whether they're willing to balance the books until we see accosted platform from the MVP. I think sunny can't get the answers that he wants.

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