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Nightmare anytime you have a hurricane it's always going to be a nightmare I always wish the best for people because you have a natural disaster like that man oh man you can just take your soul away and you hope to survive it when hurricane Dorian slammed the North Carolina as a category one storm in September six and rising floodwaters swept over the land a storm surge carried a group of horses and cal's out to sea three of those cows were recently discovered at the Cape lookout national seashore seashore park on the Outer Banks according to reports and not if all these reports the cattle were believed to have arrived at the federal park by swimming at least two miles across the course sound from cedar island he said the cal's caretaker who shall remain nameless woody Hancock identified them as being from cedar island I am not making this up cal's can actually do that they were part of a group of domesticated livestock graze on about one thousand acres of privately owned land on cedar island they were swept away by a surge of water about nine feet or so they found the first council tempus seven the day after the hurricane and two more cal's were found together three weeks later keep your Michael Phelps give.

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