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Bit of struggle finding something this was in two thousand fifteen and the route i would say there weren't really a lotta people writing about podcasts at the time so i kind of is going off i tunes charts and most people who listen to podcasts no that's a bit of a blackbox algorithm to understand what gets high on the been i super tunes chart fun it's and become a total flat passion a times of is mine just to with popular what learn are people all downloading about podcasts and no that's not necessarily big plug what for i liked for so audible feast anyway she does this kind an of led amazing me to job she mickey does my own all these reviews website and it's she'll called give audible them feast star and ratings can find on it audible all fee these stott different calm elements and categories i that she have sort of been has reviewing chosen in things recommending like storytelling podcasts funny like for the last comedy three or years what or makes so me laugh have makes met me learn amazing something all these different categories funny she sort of hull larry iskoe coal reviews people each from all podcasts over the world on she through listens writing in depth and so it's not just just learning chill listen about ah one podcast indie episode podcasts and in learning do a about review networks on an she in other listens countries to so a yeah it's good been handful right.

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