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Hi Michelle Martin also this hour the president of Bolivia evo Morales has resigned after weeks of protests following a disputed election we'll have the latest from our correspondent in the region and back in the US will talk about why so many farmers are filing for bankruptcy and just ahead of veterans day a new look at Harriet Tubman as military strategist there's nobody at the start of that war who has the kind of spy craft that Harriet Tubman does I should make the CI a proud first news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Hearst the president of Bolivia able moralis has resigned after nearly fourteen years in power the head of the army called on him to go following last month's disputed election victory which sparked widespread protests the B. B. C.'s Katie Watson has more everyone on this was a man who did change the political direction of Bolivia the first indigenous president he promised huge changes in its chief lots of them social inclusion a lot of people said that but it ends for the first time in a long while they feel proud to be Bolivian the economy has done very well but in the last few years his democratic credentials that have been put into question people concerned with his hold on power so I think that was the concern that long people had an old see we've seen his position became more more untenable in the last forty eight hours but really since the elections last month the BBC's Kaylee Watson lawyers for the whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry say house Republicans have not responded to an offer made to the proper person available to answer written questions under oath and peers Bobby Allen reports it's been a week since the legal team made the offer the letter was sent to Republican representative Devin newness the ranking member of the intelligence committee while other Republicans have said or written correspondence would not be adequate the whistle blowers lawyers say Nunez has ignored the offer house Republicans have listed the whistle blower on a wish list of possible witnesses as the impeachment hearings go public but intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff dismiss that request Schiff says the whistle blowers testimony is unnecessary and keeping the individual anonymous is a top priority president trump meanwhile continues to call for the whistle blower to be unmasked despite objections from government accountability advocates who say that could discourage future whistleblowers from stepping forward Bobby Allen NPR news Washington overall this is building a second nuclear reactor at its Bushehr power plant facility Tehran aims to supply with uranium it is enriching in breach of the twenty fifteen deal negotiated by the E. U. teri Schultz has more Iran has taken several steps away from compliance with the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that limited its uranium enrichment program in exchange for sanctions relief well he you officials maintain Iran's actions are still reversible that position gets more difficult as Tehran's nuclear stockpile grows the nuclear agreement allows signatories to trigger what's called a special dispute mechanism against Iran that could restore economic sanctions for breaching at E. U. leaders have been reluctant to launch it the Iranian government blames Europe for not providing as much financial support as the deal envisioned the US withdrawal from the agreement last year and its threats to sanction any companies doing business in Iran have severely limited the E. U.'s capacity to boost the Iranian economy for NPR news I'm teri Schultz in Brussels and you're listening to NPR news from Washington from KQED news I'm Serra Hussaini San Francisco's police union is unhappy with the election of the city's new district attorney chase a blue dean who declared victory over his opponent Susie Loftis yesterday dean is a long time public defender and child of incarcerated radical activists he's part of a wave of progressive prosecutors who hope to overhaul the criminal justice system Loyola law professor Jessica Levinson says the real test will be whether Boutin can work effectively with police to implement his agenda which includes sentencing alternatives police accountability and ending cash bail it's very difficult to implement these broad sweeping reforms at without any support from what really needs to be your partner in a statement the San Francisco police officers association said that poutine furthers four more years of dangerous public safety policies on Tuesday at the university of California will take on the trump administration at the U. S. Supreme Court over the government's termination of the dock a program deferred action for childhood arrivals covers nearly seven hundred thousand people brought to this country without documents when they were children they've been protected from deportation and allowed to work the university of California is one of the plaintiffs in this case ZTE Stavely a reporter with ed source says this is personal for UC president Janet Napolitano janapada Teno authorized octane two thousand twelve when she was the homeland security secretary under Obama and do you see is arguing that this was illegal the trump administration should not have terminated Dhaka and that it did so without justification trump officials argue among other things that the Obama administration overstepped its authority under federal immigration law when authorizing the program the court is expected to decide the case.

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