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The right hander deals dd bluffs book takes strike on the inside corner you'd figure that when a bonus face judge before when you come up as a reliever trying to get that fastball buying probably just throw him hard stuff the whole time it'll be an old one didi and the pitches foul though the count oem too baltimore pitches a rookie jeffrey ramirez in the second game the enke's pitch louis sessa doubleheaders like now they're even more so in september tutu didi and the pitch outside one or two now we have a long time this afternoon we have two games we'll talk about the all stars the yankees are so proud to have four players who are going to the all star game and giancarlos in the runoff so they actually could have five say one more they have is the one to lied hard but fouled other eli steve donoghue is the the head trainer for the american league all star he'll be going to washington i think he's very happy about it it's a it's a big honor it's a big honor i know the clubhouse guy back malcolm lou lou kacoos is probably down there now helping set things up here's the one to two dd ryan the pitch inside everybody wants to be recognized steve donoghue has been one of the best for a very very long time and and they're recognized joe and all the work that i've never seen anybody work as hard as as the athletic trainers monaghan and stevie starts in january is there everyday.

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