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He has a daughter. The daughter, okay, so that was his daughter. I thought she was another cousin. Never mind. The house, I guess it could be both. But yeah, so basically he has a younger brother named Damon, played a Matt Smith who people recognize from Doctor Who and a bunch of other stuff. Yeah, The Crown, The Crown. Charles. Season one. He plays Philip. I'm sorry, Philip. Yeah. Season one? Yeah. He's the first Philip. Than the young fellow. He also played a version of Skynet in terminator terminator genesis with Daenerys Targaryen. Clark, interesting. Yeah. But she's on my list. Matt Smith? On a different list. The way I remember it is the three dragons in Game of Thrones, the first was named after drogo, was drogon. Second one was ray gone after Rhaegar after Rhaegar. And ray Nero kind of the same. And then viserys was her brother and viceroy is the one that was turned into a zombie dragon. Oh, there you go. There you go. Viserys or names for the Targaryens are fucking awful. I know all agree on. It's just awful. I think I even said I was like, and I know it's out there, but it's like, I need a fucking Targaryen tree. Here's the thing. Every time I think I know a name, I'm like, wait, wait, who the fuck was that? So I'll say this. Do not look up a Targaryen. No, no, I did. And everyone did, and I turned my head. They bang each other. And I don't care what they are spoilers in the family tree that are going to ruin the show for you. Oh, I know. Yeah. We know exactly what Pornhub selection that Targaryens go through. Well, they're all like about that taboo that sister and the laundry. Hey, you go to king. It's nothing but washing machines. In front of you, man, because you've done. Yeah, he's flashing it. But as taught to say though, it's like it kind of goes back to the Obi-Wan. It's like when you go into a prequel, it's like the spoilers are out there. You know what's going to fucking happen? I Googled and I was like, man, what the fuck in Targaryen tree? And everyone's like, when do we get to the mad king? I'm like, oh. I see. Oh, it's not for a hundred. But I was like, how we got there? I'm like, oh, oh, I get it now. So not that the series has spoiled because the series was already sport. He wrote the fucking book about it, but it was like, but I was like, oh, okay. I'm still gonna watch the shit out of it though. Also, you have auto Hightower, who's the hand of the king, and is a bitter enemy of the serious brother Damon. He's kind of just the wet blanket. He is. He's not a Ned Stark. He's not like someone who's like, so righteous that he's just always in the right.

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