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I don't think we are at this point in the development of US soccer players in a position where we can play from the back regularly play between the lines doodles, things real trap, is not capable of doing. I don't care what he did for Columbus. We don't have the midfielder's now maybe Adams can come in and do that. I don't know. But the second part is the pack that Greg bear halter and US soccer fans, but more worryingly, Greg, or has forgotten about look at the way we see t. Teams who do not play with, like, appear little are some kind of brilliant passing mind. The middle of the pack they win their tackles look at you. Twenty s they press in key areas and you win the ball high up the field and you get to your smart players you're skillful players. That's what we need to do. That's what we're not seeing Christian role. Don will trap western McKinney Boyd Ariola, all those midfielders including Josse Saturdays. They could be taught to do that. Very, very quickly, the patterns of play and playing the kind of game Berhard or wants takes time. So the passing from the back takes lots of time timewise, it's the difference between painting, your kitchen and painting, Sistine Chapel the only way we're going to get to that place, where he want to be in the timeframe US, soccer fans are expecting is with the nineteen eighties montage. Thing. But with the pressing system, you look at Myrtle Pocchettino at Spurs. You look at Uragan Klopp, dealing with much better players grant you, but the pressing where we have a midfield, a forward line that high presses in certain areas and wins the ball back in tax. That's something that can be done quickly. So what is happening in the montage right now? I'm trying to envision. Right now, the start of the montage things are bad, like right now, we're seeing the clip of Stephens, bad pass. We're seeing the clip of Weston mckennie, just shutting down on the off the post second goal fair run in and he grabs McKinney by the lapels on points down the field to some squad player and he goes press, and they ruin and they squeeze in the press and they win the ball back. It goes into the net. Mckinney turns around he looks angry and then a smile creases across his face with this. Right. Then we cut to some intense training seen weightlifting all his weightlifting's important. Some sort of like running between cones. Does this end with some kind of like us hoisting the World Cup trophy?.

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