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To a group of pro trump counter protesters that had been at the demonstration earlier. While the NYPD. He says it is increasing patrols in hopes of suppressing gun violence over Labor Day weekend, community based organizations will be working to prevent shootings to their part of what the city is calling that's crisis management system. A group is made up of people living in the neighborhoods where they work. Using credible messengers to try to stop violence. Sean Duke McPhatter leads the organization gangstas making astrological communities changes. Somebody who comes outside of our community just to work and make arrests. Don't can't understand how to mediate a conflict that's happening with people that we know. McPhatter says groups like his work with a tiny fraction of the resource is that police departments have the city spends about $45 million funding crisis management groups. The NYPD budget is more than $5 billion. Sunni Oneonta will end in person classes and go fully remote for the rest of the semester. That's after officials confirmed nearly 400 covert cases, weeks after classes started. The campus was already in a two week pause period after cases started to spike. Students who tested negative for covert will be able to start to move out process today. Those wishing to stay in campus housing must request permission to do so. School officials say A plan is in place to issue full refunds for housing and pro rated refunds for meal plans. Classes are canceled today to allow students time to move out. FEMA has quietly changed a rule that will result in a loss of millions of dollars used by New York to clean subways, buses and schools. Daily news reports. The change means the's public facilities or no longer considered places eligible for emergency protective measures. Governor. Cuomo says the move is another attempt by President Trump to hurt the state. Empty a chairman Pat Voice as the federal government is starving the region's economic lifeblood at a time when the empty is trying to keep people safe during the worst pandemic in a century. FEMA spokesperson told the Daily News. The agency is no longer authorized to support the day to day operations of schools and the transit system, but that hospitals and other emergency facilities were still L ved eligible for funds. Hey, it's going to be sunny and warm behind your 87 degrees this afternoon. It's 706. Support for NPR comes from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting child well being the environment, Medical research and the performing arts. On.

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