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Thank you Karen at 6 31 on Wall Street and Michael Barry is here with what's going on in New York and around the world, good morning Michael. Good morning, Nathan. George Santos, the Republican congressman elect from New York faces new legal trouble after he admitted lying about much of his resume, prosecutors in Brazil now say that they are reopening a fraud case against Santos in connection with the stolen check used in the country back in 2008. The case was suspended until now because police could not find Santos. A man facing first degree murder charges the murders of four university of Idaho students is not expected to fight extradition at a hearing today in Pennsylvania. Brian coburger was taken into custody late last week at his parents home in the poconos. Law enforcement sources say forensic analysis allegedly linked him to the killings, Cece Moore is an expert on DNA testing In a very personal intimate violet crime like this one. It's virtually impossible not to leave your DNA behind. We have such sensitive equipment now. You could leave behind touch DNA, and that could be enough to perform this type of analysis. DNA expert CC Moore. The man accused of shooting up a New York City subway in Brooklyn is scheduled to plead guilty to federal terrorism charges. Frank James will appear in federal court this afternoon, prosecutors say during the April 12th attack, James set off smoke bombs before he opened fire on a train as it approached the sunset park station. At least 22 people were injured after a car crashed into a building in Manhattan last night. The incident happened at the west 204th street and Broadway, in wood bar grill. The Vatican estimates 65,000 people filed past the body of Pope Benedict yesterday lying in state. This Ukrainian mourner was there. The biggest wish

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