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A proposition on the ballot next month has bridged the political divide in california prop seventytwo has the support of environmentalists and conservatives for lower taxes state senator steve glaeser says the proposition would allow homeowners to install rainwater capture systems without paying more in property taxes when people are saving water it's should be a moment of praise not a time to raise their taxes he says a standard home in california would collect about ten thousand gallons of rainwater every year he says about a third of homes in australia have water capture systems andrew mollenbeck kfi news a woman arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing in rolling hills estates has been released from custody without charges la county prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to indict sherry townsend for sarah leads murderer susan leads murder and lake county sheriff jim mcdonald told ktla it's not unusual for prosecutors to request more follow up before filing charges was advantages to us to make the arrests at the time to be able to gather statements more information more more evidence and to be able to move forward so we're still on track leads was killed earlier this month in a mall parking lot authorities say the motive for leeds murder seems to be robbery news brought to you by mike diamond the smell good plumber multiple law enforcement agencies have surrounded a bank and an apartment building in panama city florida or lots of gunfire has been reported walton county sheriff's officials tweeted the shooting is tied to suspicious death in santa rosa beach witnesses there say they've heard more than fifty shots years a facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has told european leaders that he's focused on making sure the social network is not misused we haven't done enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and developers misusing people's information secretary appeared before the european parliament in brussels to apologize once again for facebook's mishandling of user data he says more than two hundred apps have been suspended pending results from an audit the is also deleted more than five hundred million fake accounts the american civil liberties union and other privacy active vists has have asked amazon to stop marketing a powerful facial.

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