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As well start with The hits. I had to stand on that one. Of course you did, mostly because my back was hurt. Okay, whatever you have to do to be comfortable. How Bit of a mess. Do you think this Trevor Bauer thing is going to turn into four? The Dodgers. It already looks pretty damn messy for Trevor Power. Those allegations are, um and the pictures that are along with those allegations it is. It's hard to read hard to see the pictures ass tough. It's gonna be hard for them to form a wall around this. Put out a couple of text messages of Yeah. It is like I am stuff. This is where This is where I am Just happy. To be a normal guy. Hmm? Right. I I can't even imagine. Doing that stuff I can't imagine. I can't imagine. Just haul off bow like that's crazy to me. And I don't even know if you know you asked for how you know if that works for me, buddy out of I don't know It's already look. You know it's bad when the opening salvo is this Yeah, like the shot was a slow trickle. Right? The shine water was like 12, that is 20 that man, This came out of the gates wild like this is crazy. I just can't. I can't. I don't. I don't know how you look at a guy who can do that consensual or not. He repeatedly beat up a woman. I've That's all it boils down to. That's what that's what it is. That's what it is. I don't. I don't know the woman I could just be like, just just take off all and like And then be like that's what you wanted, right? Like? No, no. Find somebody else know that that is decidedly not that I wanted a conversation. It's like you. I'm clearly the wrong person for you. Like I got flowers and need nothing. I don't have a right hook for you like this is crazy. I just can't look at it, you know? No, I can't Naman. No, man. I don't. I don't know. I don't even this idea. This concept of Man, she said it was cool. It's crazy to me like There have been grown professional athletes who stepped in the ring Mike Tyson and said It was cool and they decided. Yeah, this ain't cool. No more. Everybody's got a plan to the good. I'm taking a die right, like speaks was like Your love, But I mean, I know what I said. But I'm cool. So imagine a woman who is overpowered and you know, I'm saying like, like, she don't have the right to be like you know, that was too far up. But just I can't wrap my mind around. Somebody being able to do that. I mean, but you know, I'm just now having like, I just got started being able to watch UFC So I still think I still think when somebody go down, they shouldn't allow that Hammerfest when they out cold right, like, but So that's the part that I can't wrap my mind. I mean, what circumstance Because you see yourself doing that, like no, she said at school, like, all right, so I'm just gonna fire on you. In the middle of Yeah, repeatedly. Look at what point does your humanity and compassion take over to where you go? I think I might have taken this too far. Let me stop or like, Yo, you're taking this too far. Lady like We need to relax and have a conversation about something. You know, I don't know. Perhaps a call me a square? No, I don't know. Maybe a l seven all day I'll be to normal. I don't know about none of that, like That's just not my life. And I'm and I'm okay with that. I I feel very like, OK, I'm glad I'm a regular fella and I don't need to like punch women, too. You know, I'm saying to be please. I don't know. I can call me whatever you want. If that makes me something, but I just I would I just can't fathom doing it is going to be interesting to see how The Dodgers specifically try to navigate this because up until today's news of Bauer, um, accepting the commissioner's administrative leave for seven days, the Dodgers were basically you know, saying that we're gonna let the process play out or, you know, we don't have all the facts. You know some some combination of those At times, uh, trait, talking points in this type of situation, but they were like he's gonna start on Sunday until it just it got to a point where the commissioner had to step in. Yeah. It's so weird. You're talking seven days It could be more But the the Dodgers are going to have to find a way to manage this. I think Major league Baseball is kind already given you. You know the fact that they're going to go on, which is if we have to. We will just put him on administrative leave, which is and he's gonna get paid. Um, but The Dodgers are the ones that are really going to have to navigate this because they they definitely have themselves a controversy. You know this? I always pause at The morality play that team speech right because they vacillate, right? I'm just more into sometimes it's a legal issue, right depending on it all. Well, we were investigating. We need all the facts, right? Um For me for Marcus Thompson. It is a moral issue like it is straight up. You just don't go punching people will like you know what I'm saying? Like, I don't care if they but How do which which barometer do they use in this right? Which what's metric? Will they decide? And that It's not only gonna uncover past and present behavior, but it also is going to have a issue moving forward right? Like if, if legally, he's clear. But do you want somebody on your team? That's like, okay with that..

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