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Constantly putting vinyl on it Getting new vinyl. I look forward to record store day. I think that's another. That's innovation, and that's keeping those stores open. But if I buy my kids like my son right now is on a huge nirvana kick. So if I buy him some nirvana it's you can tell. Hey, sweet gesture. Very cool, but he's got it all you know on his app. He's got it all and his beats. What have you It doesn't want to hold anything in his hands doesn't want to read the liner notes doesn't want to read the lyrics along does want to know who played bass on this track. On. I'm still hung up on a lot of that stuff on those were such go to Christmas gifts that I find kids these days to be really challenging. Everything's in Amazon card. Nothing says I love you from your father More than a gift card. You know, Uh, there was a time when picking knowing you know somebody an artist. Uh, that your care when you're dating. It's like, Wow, you're paying attention. I love this musician. You know, just you revealing to me right there, Luke Bryan, that you like that one, so young when people hang on to a little facts like that can't even do it anymore. With With your kids. Well, I did a little bit. I got my my daughter a framed autographed picture of Ariana Grande Day for the holiday. That's nice. Yeah, and I already gave it to her. Yeah, Bad news. In that way. There's always one present that I wind up giving about two weeks before Christmas this year in pretty this year. That was one of her bigger ones. But I just look at these kids and they They were just prisoners this year. You know, I just feel for them. They've been very upbeat about it. A lot of their friends have been very dramatic. And rightly so, Uh, we're seeing people gather for al, You know, Rallies riot in the streets were seeing Mass gatherings where we choose to see them yet. You could We flooded, uh spy schools to vote. And yet they can't flood their own high schools to attend school. My kids are still learning virtually so I just looked over at her one day and it was bit of a rainy day was a couple days ago here in Connecticut, and she was just zoning on Tic Tac and I said, You want open one of your Christmas presents, and usually it's one of the throw away once, but I gave her this Bigger one because these kids have had a tough here. This is no senior year in high school for my daughter, and it's no freshman year in high school for my son. It's classroom. In their bedroom. And they'll never forget it. The pandemic kids, We're going to be reporting a lot on them in the coming years, but we'll head to L A. When we return here on W RKO Vinnie Penn, filling in On the Voice of Boston today. Now. W RKO WEATHER Channel four cap or whether it's quiet today and tomorrow, the main focus Wednesday night and Thursday when that next winter storm heads our way Sunny, breezy and 34 today tomorrow we're partly cloudy. It's called 28. Then starting Wednesday night into Thursday. That's when we began to get the snow. The snow will begin to fall Wednesday night and continue into Thursday. There's still so question mark as to where the heaviest snow will be, but it will be enough to cause some travel problems Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Generally 7 to 10 inches of snowfall right now is expected across the Boston metro area Someplace is to the South could pick up to a foot of new snow. I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston. Am 6 80. W RKO peaceful vibes,.

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