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Kfbk along with Sam Shane. I'm Christina and John said, this is the cave became morning news and time not to talk to Kelly Brothers from Genevieve's Burford and brothers, Big tech companies. I got grilled on Capitol Hill. But the profits are looking good. Yeah, it is. A big week for them. There are were on Capitol Hill. And that is the fear they're so profitable, even in an incredibly economic stressful time for the country and for Most of it's citizens. They're doing very well. And that's one of the reasons Congress is looking at them thinking, OK, Do they have too much power? Do they have too much pricing power? Do they have too much control over their segment? So, so they're going to continue to look at that. But the numbers that came out yesterday for Apple for Amazon for Facebook, even for Google, which had its first drop in revenue ever, but but still very strong numbers. Apple also announced a four for one stock split. Which they say they want more people to be able to buy Apple stock. And it's tough to do when it's $400 a share a lot easier to do when it's $100 a share, but also should point out a lot of custodians. The Schwab's and Fidelity is of this world. They're offering now fractional shares where you could buy a you know a company you want to own and own a piece of the shares opposed to a whole share. What else do we have going on? $600 unemployment benefit expiring, still nothing to replace it as it works its way through the sausage factory That is Congress. California Pizza Kitchen filing for bankruptcy. Here are the real time numbers. Now down 1 61 in 26 1 51 NASDAQ up 15 at 10,006 0 to the S and P, down 10 points and 32 35 for the SNP as we look to wrap up the month, up about 2.5 to 3%. Month to date. Uh what else do we have? Gold up 1919 86 Announced 10 year bond deal. 100.55 Okay. Thanks. So much appreciated. Kelly. Ah, Kristina. You talked a little bit about the one of the headlines coming out of Dr Fauci is testifying before Congress and he's doing it right now, and one of the headlines was, you know, potentially, he thinks the vaccine like by the end of the year, and so we were able to pull up some audio on that. Let's let's we're going to roll up this clip. This is Doctor Falke. Before Congress talking about a vaccine. I've said often, and I'll repeat it for the record now. There's never a guarantee that you're going to get a safe and effective vaccine. But from everything we've seen now in the animal data, as well as the early human data, we feel cautiously optimistic. That we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. And as we go into 2021 so I don't think is dreaming. Congresswoman, I believe it's a reality and will be shown to be a reality. Just from a political standpoint if they develop a vaccine right after the election. Right after right before right before, right. Exactly exactly either right before or right after the conspiracy theorists are gonna go nuts on either side. There'll be so many videos being yanked from YouTube media crazy crazy. Alright, so something else that we've been talking about Quite a bit. Is this new phenomenon of Pandemic shaming. Okay, it's putting people on edge license. Professional counselor Elizabeth Scrivener says it involves shaming someone else for their behavior during the pandemic, for example. A not practicing social distancing or refusing to wear a mask. You must be a horrible human if you do not believe what they believe you're an accomplice to murder and it just goes on and on And on. Yet we've seen well I've seen and heard those kinds of words. And stronger, directed toward people on either on social media or otherwise, someone like Karen, right. We had that case down South where we had that elderly woman. She was angry at this couple for not wearing masks, so she sprayed in the face with pepper spray, and they were just like having lunch. And then there was the woman here locally, who relieved herself in a Verizon because someone asked her to put on a mask. Yes. Oh, yeah, It's just this. You know, just abhorrent behavior, So I'm looking at the statistic here right now. A recent survey by Market research Group one poll found 50% of respondents say they do not post online that they're getting together with other people because they fear they're going to be shamed. I'm going to tell anybody. No, no people are I've seen people in the last week. Say I'm going off Facebook. I'm deleting my account. I'm out of here Just because of the shaming that they see going back and forth. You did a little bit of research because when you came in this morning, and we were in the meeting before the show, you said we need to do something on dorm pods and I looked at you like, okay. What is that? You talked about a lot of college students. They want that away from home experience that they would normally get, but they're not getting it now because On campus classes are not being held, and they're having to go online. So some of them are seeking is each other out online, and they're moving into apartments together more kind of setting up their own off campus dorms. Okay, we're going to look into that phenomenon do that. It's important to trust your sources and trust the people who deliver the news each afternoon. Sacramento's news.

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