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Lender It's 1 48 driving and whether all the AIDS to Rita Kessler and the W T O be traffic center in Virginia Watch for delays on South Bound 3 95 trying ahead past seminary road toward Duke Street after seminarian before Duke Street, the accident activity remains along the right side. After you get past it, however, it looks good headed toward the Beltway or on the South bound 95 which remains its speed trying to make your way all the way into Fredericksburg, North Bound. 3 95 No reported issues 60 Six eastbound. The delay is inside the Beltway after Washington Boulevard toward glee. Broda single left late and getting by the work. Listeners checking in Fairfax, along 1 23 between 50 and North Street traffic is alternating for that work soon, so watch for the delays in either direction. Also, the George Washington Park wait, that's actually in good shape North bound in south bound between the Beltway and the 14th Street Bridge, now coming from the 14th Street Bridge. Onto the eastbound freeway. That's the delay headed toward the third Street Tunnel, the work along the left side. There should also be work westbound along the left side as well, but not really causing a backup north and easy to 95 heavy passing Pennsylvania Avenue, also starting to see a bit of a delay on the inbound Suitland Parkway in the area of Stanton Road, where we may have some accident activity in Maryland, North Bound three near Wa Chapel Road, The right lane was blocked with the emergency utility work South bound to go to was closed after 70 for for the ongoing accident investigation Watch. For the redirection and getting across the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic continues to alternate across the bridge with the work drunk and drugged. Drivers kill thousands of people every year. If you plan on drinking in D. C this July 4th weekend, the district Department of Transportation remind you to plan for a safe and sober right home. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Let's get that hot Weather forecast from Lauren Rickets Lots of sunshine Today. Temperatures topping out right around 90 degrees for daytime high, so we'll humidity is.

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