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Short week. Everyone's getting getting all your hard work in the cheers barbara. One downside taking time off all the work you have to do ahead of time to get caught up in anticipation of not being able to work. So it's like double work this week later. This lady later in the week we do that every week so that we can always take the second half of the week off. Oh that that would be miserable. Yeah don't listen to them barbara. That's a good idea. Let's work like crazy. Monday through wednesday and then we got thursday friday saturday sunday. Four day weekend. I like that three day work week. Four day weekend. I feel like that's a way better. It is because it's less it's an unachievable amount of less work. So yeah. I like one day and then six days off my own way over here. Stop working and just all live for nothing. No capitalism know anything. Everything is free. Everyone is second. I'm getting worse. Slacks hey christian. hey christian. I cannot approve the ad for red web. I am on bad cast okay. Ranks man talked me. I'll handle it. I had a really strange dream about bernie sanders. The other day. I dreamt that i think i'm going crazy from cortina being locked in the house all the time. Just now it's been ongoing but I dreamt that my wife and i read a news article that the best french fries. In america where bernie sanders rallies and it just so happened there was be bernie sanders rally in the western part of austin so we were lost in the car driving around looking for a bernie sanders rally so we could at french fries at the rally. The best french fries in america according to my dream. So i i like figuring out dreams and then figuring out like the the reach of the dreams like how much it doesn't exist in the realities. Obviously we have the. Why would they. The best franchise bernie sanders rally. Why bernie sanders having a rally like there's all these elements. I'm just curious. Do you like french fries. Outside of dreams that much that you would travel someplace to go to the best wants yes. If was the best price in the united states and it was like within a quick drive in the area. Absolutely favorite french fries like. What are your ideal. French fries That's a good question like crawford who has really good french fries. Well they're two different kinds. I think mighty fine and hilbert's have some of the best french fries. I knew you were gonna say mighty fine. I knew it before the words came out of your low codes. I knew exactly what you're good on the mighty fine is like kind of a thin crinkle cry but hilbert is like a thick cut. Steak fry Both good. I gotta have a thinner fry. I can't do thick fries. that's just potatoes. i can't do just straight up. That's just potato. We fried potatoes and the inside is just too much potatoes agree. I barely have them. But i really liked the. I think they're from jack in the box. It's like the curly fries that have like a seasoning on them. Maybe it's not jack. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i like you got to do something else with fries. Entertain me some of you. Ever see the videos where they like they put it on a spit and a slice of potato and they pull it out and all and then they deep fry that that that that i would go to bernie sanders rally stefon in chat eighty seven thirty says waffle fries baby. That's right forgot. We neglected to talk about waffle fries while also waffle fries. I like it. I i like. I like a fry. That's been fried just a little bit too long so you get like a little bit of burned and then some of them are a little too oily. That's why like casino el camino for all my french friends good. I don't know why. But the like trevor. Doesn't he's not weird about food usually but he's weird about french fries. That have like the still potato part of the friday on it where scheme the dark. So how does it could be anything. I don't want it on. their else. Could either give him app. Give phone barbro. Give him a headphone start to hate triggers. Hey trevor it's eric james. Please hold your car go ahead. Hey it's eric james james james. Thanks for that intro. So hey trevor. It's eric Hey me real quick question. You said the ends could be anything. What the fuck does that mean. Listen i don't have any frie- your to demonstrate but it's not always the skin at the end of it sometimes. It's a mysterious dark bit. That i don't know where it came from. I don't know what's going on. There could be some sort of fungal patch from wherever the fry was source. I don't know where these fighters sourced from potato only potato. I don't know. I think for. I go trevor on this one because i think you ever see a potato. That's on the verge of going bad. Yeah and it like it has like Sprouting whatever it always sprouts from those spots. So if you're not careful you're going to get a sprouted potato. The and it's going to be going bad when you know which does what you just described it that well you might get a little bit of a sprouted part. No consequence because hato well but by the way. It's more than when i bought. It doesn't matter though. 'cause i just more fries because he doesn't want to eat don't let you get a wedge a like a potato wedge feel like this leaning into wedge category more than we are in fried category for getting like the the skin and stuff still on there so say. We have a wedge. Is there a world trevor. Were you nibble up to the end. And then hand the edge barbara for her to know i do. I like the potato skins with vitamin czars. My dad says but it's the little spots man there's like there's like an i. What is the i the yet. We should just lady and the tramp those french fries. I'll take the one with seven part at the end and you can take clean part over the software old. You go for the skin bit. Yeah just eric in chat. Ben said that his longest trevor's here you should have them approved the red web ad l. Hey can you approve. Christians web Just just look at the camera and say this is trevor and i approve the red key approval. He he's like. I'm on the one day workweek in the clock pitch living that dream. I don't understand how he thinks potato skin has the vitamins apple they do. Some point. Who knows nutrition knows. Always in the skin. True not true. Yes through nutrition. Data was the skin ever otherwise. It's starch just eating nothing. yeah yeah you. This skin doesn't have anything other than what's in the inside the potato also this apple into skin of an apple not in the floor. I this is like one hundred percents in combative. But it's true and this is crazy. What are my favorite things. This is a pure work from home. Quarantine world thing. Where when you're having a debate like this is someone you you say something and they go no way. This is an air it is and they go no way what i think is right and then you see them look slightly to the side and then amman and mike a browser window light hit that because if they're just i just looked up is the vitamins in an athlete. No hold on. I want to see the page refresh reflected on the skin of your for him. A man you all the nutrients in me right here. You can see it consulting with her. Now you guys are wrong. Are we wrong or is wrong as well. No i'm going to live strong dot com. And i don't know if i believe that website says this like if you guys are saying that you stand by a strong donald on everything that goes along with that lance armstrong has never lied to me before never except for that one time about the apple skins. Is that the one lie. He was just about the apple skin. No everything else. Shoot just the eating Sorry man now. I don't believe me. Bourbon right in chat spot. A one seven says a riot but with skin contains three hundred thirty two percent more vitamin k one hundred forty two percent more vitamin a. Under fifteen percent more vitamin c than appealed app superfood. Man all went to skin. Do you think humans are are healthy without our skin like if you ate human without the skin you would probably you probably move off. It'd be like a chicken breast right where it's like all the fat and everything's in skin level. You could just cut it all out really orbit discussion. But that's kind of what it is right about that when i'm cooking like pork..

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