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Quarterback go for Georges St Dan Ellington took the snap the head off went to Seth page four yards out all of the four yard line only two weeks the snap there it is again Hannah football on page and sold to Georges St for your behind the right guard right tackle in Georgia state takes advantage of the turnover rated right would come on split the uprights with the extra point just like that Georgia state had a seven nothing lead Tennessee the would come right back their quarterback shared your title a six yard touchdown pass to the featured receiver marquis Callaway capping a sixteen play seventy eight yard drive that ate up seven minutes and forty two seconds on the clock Tennessee would take the lead they go up fourteen seven late in that first quarter Thai Chandler broke free thirty one yard touchdown run capping a five play forty six yard drive the took them just a minute and fifty eight seconds first quarter comes to an end Tennessee leading Georgia state by a fourteen to seven score real quick carp you look at those numbers at the end of the first quarter very heavily in favor of Tennessee I know with that sack that Dan took their cue in the one of the last place that we had you know we lost thirteen fourteen yards but still yeah that's so lopsided you with a clash with who what happened well we got the turnover and they had two long drives so it didn't look as close from from those perspectives but boy what a difference a next quarter makes right sure does Georges St with Doug early in the second quarter put together their own sixteen play drive this one for eighty one yards that would tie the ball game one of the key plays on that drive of the sixteen was the nine yard run by trade Barnett absolutely that's raised in such a good job and we wondered you know it it's you have the power to see if the speed as you have combination will he did a little bit of both in one of those plays obviously that when is he got hit about two or three yards down the line of scrimmage author on the far side when you're the Georgia state bench it just carried with with his well right six or seven of the Tennessee volunteers was able to make it real close to a first down and allow us to keep the ball movement Georges St on that sixteen play eighty one yard drive would tie the football game it was Stan Ellington in the air to Cornelius McCoy judge John stab Dan Ellington play action Ellington gonna throw across the middle eighteen yards on us into the end zone that's a Georgia state touchdown away from tying the football game here in Knoxville and branded right would do just that.

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