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D'honneur colorado in the san luis valley is robert kernan slurs cattle and slaves were traditionally a cherry red i'd like the color they're beautiful animals but because they pay more for black black hangs thing is taken over all the breeze and they pay a few more cents a pound for a black so i only had a couple of red's just for my own enjoyment i guess you could say you know this one was a three year old she raised a real nice two year old cab and when they do that you know they're going to be a good cow she was very nice cowan anyway that's when she disappeared i just started looking at immediately in and every day for a week or two i would drive around my atv looking for birds or what would get on a carcass that's usually the easiest way to find the carcass in the mountains we relied on that a lot so i did that for a week or two and then i looked at every animal just sure i was gonna find her in and i didn't so my search continued for a month or two and just have fifteen hundred pound animal disappear like that disturbed me more than the mutilation or anything else that's happened i still just don't know what could have happened to her never had an answer to an animal that you especially light yes fourteen we had unbelievable cattle prices and that year i sold my cats for fifteen hundred dollars a cap which is unbelievable really and that's when she disappeared so at that point in time right around fourteen she was worth about twenty five hundred dollars so you know that part kind of bummed me out too let's go from the missing read that is haunted you to the march seventeenth nineteen ninetyfive mutilation of one a year one month old calves had him on pasture to the east to be here on my neighbors but rather paster from him that morning.

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