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Hey guys welcome to another episode of you from the cheap seats. We are the sklar brothers. Our guest on the show is One of the biggest broncos fans we know and we find out he is also a dodgers fan. I know an lakers fan. He's having a good year minus the broncos but It's really fun to talk sports with this comedian. His name is brad williams. I'm sure you know him. But he knows his sports and we get into it with him in a cool way quickest. Superfund we talk about a few things like antonio brown and a camera that's supposed to focus on a ball that's run by a robot in Scotland scotland which malfunctions. Which is larry in is john lester. The greatest the greatest world series hero and of time and friend to a city francis time will determine that but i ran and i wanna talk about what is going on in tampa bay. You know we talked to brad later in the show about how this is really l. year with the dodgers thought it was the year of the la because the dodgers lakers and we have our friends. Like jay logic who does music episode with us. He's the biggest lakers fans. The biggest dodgers fan. He is having the greatest ever. But let's not sleep on tampa bay man. The lightning won the stanley cup. The raise went to the world series. And now we got. Tom brady here and if tom brady. Can somehow look. They're sitting in the second. The second seed seven to seventy two six six two. So they're right behind seattle which is six and one and obviously in new orleans at six two as well and there are great teams in the in the Now in the nfc. Let's be honest. There are so but the tampa. Bay buccaneers look great and they've beaten some good teams and you're saying to yourself okay. They put it on the packer. Hackers whose another six and two teams so. It is not out of the realm of possibility that tom brady could take this team to the super bowl. Be the representation. now will they. Are they good enough. to beat. pat mahomes and and kan city. I dunno steelers. Made these are they. Good enough to beat the steelers. I don't know maybe but like all we're saying is it is. It's amazing what he's done and when you look at how. The patriots have crumbled even with what we consider to be a good quarterback. You have to say to yourself right now now more than ever and maybe tom brady did this because you know how competitive tom brady is. Maybe he made this move to go to tampa bay to step outside of bill belichick shadow to say. I'm the reason i did this. Iran reason i'm the reason that the patriots what it's me and we talk about this a lot jay because you know pat mahomes one that super bowl for his team last year they were down. It didn't look like they did not look like they were gonna win. You did not think that they were going to win. And i just remember seeing him on the sidelines when they were down he's holding onto his shoulder pads and he's looking up and he's not worried at all like this kid man. This kid is not where at all. Why because he knew that there'd be an opportunity for him on the next drive to have the ball in his hands every single plan at that moment. You realize that the quarterback is involved in every offensive. Play his the call. He makes the reeds. If it's zone read or an option read or he figures out scramble out and then break around and go play or to scramble like every decision is in his hands more so than i would say pitcher in baseball more so than a point guard in basketball because so much of that individual effort in you can just pass the ball off and the other person can do their thing and score there is. I just feel like the quarterback is is the position and so when you think about that jay. We have to start saying our discussion. If tom brady can take the tampa bay buccaneers to the city this year. If you win the super bowl we can't. He is the greatest football player of all time. I think you can just say hands down. he is. he's already to go there. Would he be the greatest athlete across all sports and i put greatest professional athletes. Yes i think you'd be. You are hard pressed to find somebody who is more dominant and more into this age like yes obviously liberal order back in football is the position where you can still rack up numbers as you get older and maybe even approach forty rules of the game. The rules of the game are now sort of in the favor of longevity longevity for these guys this guy's forty four he's forty four and he he's not letting up and he's still leading the team and you get a sense that this guy for remember when we were like kids in charlie hoff was a nakaba all pitcher for texas and he looked like he was like forty six was he forty six. I think so. I think he pitched into him. And you're like who's this fat guy who's going old old. And he looked like he was going in slow motion and i mean yeah forty six forty seven forty eight years old. Jamie moyer was like forty six years. Old forty-seven were not they were doing stuff in in a way that you're like they're not defying their age. It's just they've figured out a way to sort of game. The system in a in a weird way brady is doing it on the highest level. And you know say what you will about the guy. No people love them. And i know people hate him like people in boston love and they probably hate him because he left Don't hate them. They love they will always love him and they're just people that don't like him. I mean we're we're guys from michigan so we will always support him But you have to really make that argument. That has seen what he's doing with that team right now in this late part of his career is to me one of the most impressive things that we're seeing sports and we have to call it out and yet sports is a distraction. We just went through an election this week. That was more fraught than anybody would have ever even thought and who knows. We're recording this now and the results aren't in. Its way it's wednesday when we're recording this we may. We may know friday who our next president. It may be contested in the courts for years and years. It's like we need something to just give us a break so we can turn our brains off for a little period of time and then reengaged. That's why we do this podcast. That's why did we do our daily podcast. That's why we do dumb people town because we know how much ever we know we need it. We need break and so sports will give us this break. And i'd say in this break. Take a moment to appreciate how great tom brady is. And if he can pull this off which is definitely possible in make into the playoffs but if he can't make it through and make it to the superbowl and potentially win 'cause you gotta give him credit. He's got the skill guys around him right now that he can do it. You have to talk about as the greatest player of all time all right. Let's take a break on the other side of this brad williams we get deep into How bad the broncos generic quarterback. Joe it's like generic eric potato chips. Yeah they exist. But they're not gonna make you feel good. You're gonna feel bad after you consume them so we talked about that and so much more. I didn't realize he was such a huge dodgers and lakers fan. So we really get into that with him later on the show. Kris kristofferson lepres voicemail About the stanley cup. So you're going to want to stay this for the cheap seats. Were so happy.

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