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So you're Burbank in what in that part of our boulevard, Albo Burbank. That is just the valley that is just the San Fernando Valley and stuff wasn't even developed that much at that end of the valley like Chatsworth, Conoco park. I know you find this hard to believe, but I'm a lot older than you. So even even my age, I used to go down to Chatsworth A logic. lot of lot. And and nothing. So when I when I moved in there, there was nothing north of Burbank. I mean, nothing north of Burbank and nothing west of receivable of, yeah, it just everything. Just sort of spilled from Hollywood over coin, go over the caney and then then it filled up like Luca lake and all that we're Bob Hope was and everything, and it just kept spreading its way. Now you go through the past Santa Susanna pass your into seamy valley just keeps spreading. So do you have a thought early about saying, I want to be in show business, but I don't want to be in front of the camera? No, actually I was premed my whole high school in my first urine college. So I worked part time at universal and then at FOX, and I got the bug and that was it. I never had the talent to be in front of the camera. So that wasn't an option for me. Best thing I could do represent the talent house, Tom Cruise to work with ease. Best smart wanted to met him when he was nineteen. Paula Wagner from our office brought him in. He is. He sat there a new what he wanted me was very serious at an early age, shrewd producer, businessman, early on or develop that because he's developed into a very shrewd produce. I mean, he learned the trade really well and picked it up. He's like a sponge e. learned very fast. What to do, what not to do. And if you look at his credits, he worked with fantastic director at an early age. We gave them a list of ten directors. We thought he should work with them in that up working with like nine of them. One of the movies did was with Paul color of money which was created off of a sequel to the hustler, and it was a Marty Scorsese movie. I heard a story about mardi and goodfellas and how they're talking about some of the roles in that, and I thought it was one of my all time. Favorite movies, maybe my all time favorite. If you just go, you have to pick. So he's tough to pick, but it's a great one. Good fell as I love it because it has so many chapters. And cover so much ground, but some of the some bigger names that were considered for that movies is that true? The studio wanted a big star to play the Liotta part. Yeah. But Scorsese said, like if we have too many familiar faces, it's not gonna ring true or it's going to be distracting. Well, he knew who we wanted, but the the interesting thing, which is a fan, you'll get a kick out of that when you walked into his office, he had pictures eight by ten pictures of real wise guys so that he could cast everything. And he ended up casting a lot of real wise guys in the movie, which is sort of interesting. I mean, God, he think about how did release had to be nominated for that role. I'm almost positive. He was not, and I think you would know that better than I would miss drove. Its but wasn't deniro I build or on the poster. His name's higher because he was the bigger star. They wanna get more people in this seats is that well, he just he was a bigger name. So he went first outta they not. How is he not nominee again, Sando it'd be wrong, but look that up. Most positive was years and years. Mardi was never nominated. Cubic was never nominated. There's a lot of amazing directors that were never nominated early on. Finally, one later in their careers. So for you. I wouldn't just tell tell Paul Newman star forever. I heard I never met Paul. It have all this race cars, but I never met him when everyone always asks. Everyone basically says, if you wanna just talk racing and be a regular guy, he was fine with that, but didn't really like the Hollywood scene. He really loved cars and racing. I mean, it was his, it was his life..

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