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I think that though I don't subscribe to the conspiratorial thinking per se that this was planned in any way it is convenient of course for any power structure that in the midst of pandemics and and and the social control that follows. It's increasingly difficult if not impossible to organize If the will were even there and clearly as you pointed out most disturbing us as you called it the will has not been or at least the mass will which was really bothers. Me So Yes so I think we're going to build on a couple more thoughts on the pandemic relationship to this and then you know feel free to jump in on on anything of course that that interest as well so I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the responses to pandemic from President trump and the trump administration In June this year The president is scheduled to give the commencement speech at West Point despite other military academies doing a remote graduation or maintaining strict social distancing. And while we don't know if families are the guests will be permitted what we do know for sure is that at least thousand cadets will return from isolation and potentially expose themselves to the pandemic along with the staff at West Point and the families that communities in the surrounding area Gareth would you share with us a bit on the pandemic of nineteen eighteen. And how the military was central to its spread Do you think an event like this like this. Commencement could create a huge new spike in infections. Similar to what happened in Philadelphia with the Liberty Bond Parade in nineteen eighteen? That's very question indeed and and you know the degree that the white has a serious about. This is totally bizarre and just beyond belief you know. It's hard to even imagine that somebody is so stupid as to do that but we'll just hold off on that on that aspect of it to go back to nineteen eighteen of you know this. This was a pandemic that did indeed as you suggested. Underline the Even then upbeat before the Cold War a- decades before the Cold War the degree to which the military had become an interest group which was set apart from the interests of society and really privileged. Its own interests over those of of the society. Now you know to some extent you could argue there. Extenuating circumstances that they didn't fully understand or didn't understand sufficiently the degree to which this pandemic could take a could could have such devastating effects so quickly. But I don't really buy that because of of a quote that that I used in my story which I'm sure you remember the chief of staff of the army who was dealing with the general son in in Europe and In sort of supplying the the bodies that that were supposed to be sent by the tens of thousands across the sea to be chewed up in lost in the in the war. The chief of staff was saying that We I think what he was saying was that we're You you want me to read the question again. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Let's go back to a problem so could you share with us? A bit on the pandemic and that could event like the commencement create a huge huge spike in infection similar to what happened in Philadelphia so the chief of staff was basically saying that that he was going to deliver as many troops as what is were necessary as demanded by the The Command in Europe. But he was saying you know. We do have a problem here at home. We have already I believe it was twenty. Thousand Twenty thousand people stricken by this and it's getting worse so so they understood perfectly. Well what the cost of continuing the war. Without regard to its effect on the homefront was they knew that they were playing with fire. And that's that's very key. Point to underline here about the military of your accuracy because even then during World War One you had a situation where the military was was privileging. Its own bureaucratic interest to fight that war and to do so in a way that satisfied its own version of what it was act and even though you know there were more. American soldiers actually killed by the virus. Then were killed by the war in. World War One. I mean you know. This is an amazing fact that people are not generally aware of and it just shows that that the US military ben was was ready to serve its own interests despite the fact that it was harming was doing harm to the soldiers in a way that was just far beyond any reasonable sacrifice and so there was a there was a real problem here that that the military was Was a seizing a degree of power. That it shouldn't have had and which I in a way. It forecasts what we've seen during and since the. Cold War started. I was also thinking about the The fact that so many leaders are into the war didn't want to share too much information. About how the pandemic was affecting the military because of the nature of the war that I want to say common in your piece about the the German high command would not be you know. They wouldn't be sitting down at the table to negotiate a surrender if they knew how much the flu is going around. We'll right that's that's a good point yes it was. It was a matter of. They knew how bad it was a bro. Keep it from the Germans. That's right yeah so so they had to. They had to a very nasty game with the American people. Just for the purpose of as you say essentially leaving the Germans. Yeah so following up on that a bit how. How do you see this voting for the future of the military? Us forces in general but especially the navy have shown their vulnerability to an outbreak of this kind but because military units and operations are so compartmentalized will American forces truly embracing essential change share. Yeah it's hard. It's hard to know exactly how this is. GonNa play out. I mean the US military bureaucracy. is is.

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