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Would. Never. Girl, like if we have more kids, I'm getting a Tahoe or like an escalade. That's how mommy roles. unless you see a minivan? No. No, you know what's funny. It's Kevin's like man. They're really cool inside and like you shut your damn map, they are those are nice i. know the Odyssey is really nice. That's how Meredith, AJ. So our friends at work with us and they I think meredith was one of those that was like I don't WanNa Minivan I. Don't want a minivan and then she got one and now she's addict. this sex eight, two, nine, four, five, I'm willing to admit getting married was a huge mistake. Let's see willing to admit that my feelings for Co worker are a result of my actions and not shortcomings on my spouse. It took me too long to realize this. Yikes, well, Let's see. This was that I always complain come out at people that are flaky for years of expressed how much I can't stand it. Well, I'm flaky not in business, but in personal commitments to admit to myself, I commit to things in the moment because I don't want to say now, which we talked about that on the show yesterday the later I find an excuse not to come I need to own it and learn to say no and. And no that. Okay. These are good man. That's because they really make you. I mean, these are so relatable. They make you think about yourself. You know it's kind of like that self awareness thing that we talk about, did you see the text that came in at eight to nine, four five and we're talking about, what are you willing to admit right now? Somebody said I was a bully junior high and I am so sorry to those that I heard I had a change after being bullied myself. So somebody had kind of that light bulb going off after they have the tables turn Wa and they're willing to admit that they were bully. Dang? Wow, that's huge and sometimes I hate to say it. But sometimes, you have to get your butt kicked to realize what is going on. You don't mean like. Not. Always physically. But just in life, it's kind of like, okay. Maybe take a step back or you burn that bridge, and so now you have to kind of go through that. You know it's like a wakeup call. Yeah. Totally. This one said I have to admit it breaks my heart. My wife doesn't want to be intimate and I'll never tell her that. But yeah, it's obviously creating an issue in the relationship Let's see this one said I'm thirty two and I admit I suck. My thumb at night. It helps me sleep in. It's a comfort thing. Wow. These are good i. mean it's almost like the Hannibal ability you know with this. This. It's just a different take on that as far as as being vulnerable. Like kiss, your admitting something like what are you willing to admit? Do we have any more text here to get to or I think we're good and if anymore we can hit him. But yeah, all the text messages get posted at ten o'clock at freaking dot Com tweet and we'll. We'll get to some more of those weird wedding tax. So what was weird about the wedding?.

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