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Yeah, it's awful. It's awful, and you know, we've seen attacks elsewhere in the region in Afghanistan, where I am at the moment as well by other militant groups, also targeting educational centers and attacks by the Islamic state Group over the weekend in Kabul, in which more than 20 students were killed in a tuition centre. On this kind of violence really is incomprehensible. But that would be the job of the police right now to determine who was responsible for this blast and what they were hoping to achieve. Manny thank you very much for bringing us up to date regarding that story in coming out of Pakistan, where there's been a deadly bomb attack at a religious school in the city of Peshawar. 10 minutes past the hour. This is Newsday. Let's move on to another of our top stories. And Judge Amy Cockney Barrett is now Justice Amy Cockney Barrel has been sworn in as the Supreme Court latest appointment in the U. S. And Of course, this comes just a week before the American election. It means that the Supreme Court now has a firm, Conservative majority. Yeah, I've been speaking to Elena's sure she's a national reporter on religion and politics for the Associated Press News Agency. The thing about justice Bharat is he's only been on any court for three years, so we don't have a lot of decisions to go by. Simply put. She's relatively inexperienced when it comes to Supreme Court nominee is she hasn't even argued any cases before the Supreme Court. She's mostly been in academic, but we also have a lot of writings, for instance, she co authored a piece. About 20 years ago as a law student with another Catholic attorney was more senior than her. That essentially theorized. Should Catholic judges recuse themselves from cases that relate to the death penalty because it's a matter of Catholic teaching, and you shouldn't go against your church. So she's she's raised some of these questions herself in her past, although not necessarily from the bench. Her appointment provides conservatives with a 63 majority at the Supreme Court. That shifting the ideological balance off the court. What's the impact likely to be significant and potentially pretty quickly because we have an election in America coming up next week? And the court has very recently deadlocked on one of several cases challenging states vote counting rules when, when these things deadlock that basically lets the lower court's decision stand but will now have one extra conservative vote on the court assumes tomorrow so we can easily expect potentially a justice Bharat to start turning these cases in favor of a more conservative reading of the law, namely, shutting down vote counting early and that's potential. That's just speculation. In addition, the week after the election, the court is scheduled to hear a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, and it's anyone's guess. How is just justice. Barritt will rule on that. Although there's a lot again of concern that her conservatism will leader to be biased in favor of tearing down some of its core provisions on there's also gun rights, abortion, the environment, I think emotion being the one most talked about in the United States regarding her appointment. Absolutely, And this is one. Although there's not there's not yet what you call a vehicle that would allow her to weigh in on it. Everyone expects there to be quite soon. And this is one where her faith also plays a big role because she as a law professor, signed onto an advertisement in the local newspaper that very clearly said she's against abortion, Of course, as soon as you noted She told the senators. My personal views won't affect my judicial decision making, but it is clear that she is the most. Antiabortion leaning justice that we have right now, just based on her public statements, And when you look at the way in which she interpreters, her approach to the law, she asserts that the United States Constitution must be interpreted based on the original understanding at the time it was adopted that kind of inflexibility. Could be more profound. Critics argue, absolutely, theoretically allows her to broadly apply this conservative reading against sort of the text as a historically malleable thing, right? I mean, that particularly affects things like the Voting Rights Act, which you know is only about 60 ish years old in America, but it is still being challenged to the originalist view. You know which Justice Antonin Scalia, one of her mentors in away espoused now has a lot of really strong proponents in America and you know you make In this already. This confirmation comes just a week before the election s o. You know, some people say that it is a strategy because, as you say that the court could be called to decide the fate ofthe the election itself, like it did in 2000 between Al Gore and President Bush. Yes, and and keep in mind just hours before this program aired. President Trump had a ceremony at the White House where Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the oath to justice Bharat and it had a lot of the visual trappings of a campaign event, as many observers noted in America, which is interesting, because you know, theoretically that the high court, especially once the justice is confirmed, you know, should be allowed to have a little bit of distance, particularly from a president who's Reelection campaign could be affected by these rulings. So it's a very fraught time tohave all this going on That's Alana Shore. National Report on Religion and Politics for The Associated Press News Agency Quick roundup of interesting covered stories partly.

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