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Only name of the eyedrops but he needs he got an accident is acting up acting up. Okay the better to see you with my dear. He needs to be able to see you so we didn't get the guy going to drops. I oh my you're killing me. Yes alaska so. The nobleman turned out to be some stage door. Johnny who used people's to observe women during the bath. No this guy not one of those so a stage door johnny. For old time language folks is a man frequency of theater for the purpose of courting an actress or a chorus girl so basically just like a thirsty ruby. maybe at the stage door lag acis loved up performance. You go down to the per. Thank you for telling me what that is. Because there's this. There's this queen named mr. Dan who does this intro to shows casino del campo or rec- shows and he always says now. Don't be a stage door. Johnny hanging around after the show dolly and i never knew what it was it was like but now i understand the etymology the the reference. So thank you for that thank you. We love some historical references. So now we all know what it is when you re thirsty and wait after the show and that means okay. Arid is air it out here. You know roy. They need to be quenched. So yes i don't like that. I mean obviously she knows. This guy has questionable moral. So that's what she's roped him into the scam. But did you have to get muscles mary. Some peeping whole. You could just find somebody on the street and be like. Are you single. You trying to be mary like you get the nastiest man. The man who's sitting by the people probably watch mary right now. No no no. That's wack so madam. Rachel also regularly blackmailed women. Who couldn't pay upfront by offering them credit and later extorting them and ponding their jewels. Wow she was a real criminal criminal. she's bad lady. Rumors began to circulate about the malpractice intimidation and blackmail. At this point. madam. Rachel was making more than twenty thousand pounds about twenty seven thousand dollars a year which is more than a million pounds or one point three million in. Us dollars today. So she's making bank venture shaking the girls down. She's piven the girls out. She's exploiting all these innocent people. And then i don't know washington realize like she was not have to pick up and move. Some point like people are going to talk when everybody's missing a part of their face at the mixed function you know the next ball when everybody's at the bridgeton ball trying to get chosen half their faces on right burned off. Oh my god. Getting caught inevitably madame. Rachel ran into the law as numerous clients gathered cases of malpractice and intimidation. Some even accused are providing abortion inducing drugs and running a.

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