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Decisions and i love knowing that highschools lawrence never been seitner why begins coaches have more information than ever training techniques and more sophisticated clinton is measured in more in dance playing high school sports is in casinos still the best way to give your teenager a healthy tighten line madison thing this message about the value of ice moves towards is presented by the nebraska school activities association and the nebraska state inner scholastic athletic administrators association new thought twelve naughty uh oh uh this msnbc nbc news all the news media is all over it did rex tillerson call the president amara what we call hillary clinton the moro hey hilary clinton's a moron is that a big news story i guess i hope it's not too late to bring your bible to school today because bring it today is bring your bible to school day and they bring your bible to school day people recommend that you bring your bible to school and then talk about it with friends and you know that's gonna lead to just people going crazy the selfimmolation suicide vests 72 raisins it's going to be it's going to be a bloodbath out there let me i'ma go get a little billie jean let's do billie jean so to speak let's let's go to number twenty one sound bite number twenty one now nancy sinatra the daughter of the late great frank sinatra born december twelve 1915 hoboken new jersey and francis albert sinatra but his daughter is nancy sinatra you know these boots are made for walking 19 sixty seven or whenever that was about right on similar in that neighborhood she's very upset with what happened in nevada and naturally she's got a political hack contribution to make because she grew up rich and lives in a cocoon and thanks a lot of silly things she has a twitter account to and again most people should nancy sinatra tweeted out the murderous members of the nra should face a firing squad yeah this is well i think maybe they just did then the emmett isn't isn't that kind of what just happened is country music people out west cowboy hats pickup trucks gun owners nra members i think nancy this tweet tweet maybe a few days too late because i think that the murderous members of the ira did just face a firing squad of sorts there the she.

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