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I i think it was opened by the time pretty sure it was i think it happened while we were at that five hundred square foot location right so even though whole foods had a store there and yet wild oats before you still had all these members who wanted to be members than the coop at yeah and why do you think that is i think just because it's different it's for one it's location for some people for some people are sort of that work for them because it's not in their neighborhood and but for them they wanted something that they like the idea of having a community owned grocery store having some input actually buying directly from the local farm being able to go to the farm meet the farmer done a lot of farm tours with people in the packed and membership and employees and things like that and you know you get a steam when they come a little deliver right that so they felt i think it was they felt connected to the food they felt like it was a good thing to be a part of in to have ownership over so us my guess i'm sure there's a lotteries ines on yeah but i it's i think it's really important you know 'cause i think that's one of the things that people grapple with when they're when they're thinking of doing it store like this how are you going to be different from what's there so and and the answer to that is probably different now than it was them but anyway okay so where did you go next then did hurt are searching around several different locations throughout reno and re ended up at a location even more downtown you know it's right by familiar truckee river runs right through reno those lake tahoe and pyramid lake in the right through downtown reno and so we're pretty much right next to it by park called wingfield park and near the courthouse and it's the three story building while not ideal say people would like they oh yeah three stores that's a great idea for grocery store so what yeah we we do if you're just using the first floor no you were using we started out starting out with the build out for everything you need to start our delhi so that we had like the grease traps and everything and eventually so the kitchen was in the basement so there's production down there and we did start out right away with some of that very small and then some offices have our offices down there as well so it wasn't an unused in our retails on the main floor and upstairs on the third floor where we did our like our wellness and body care and stuff like that affair yeah people get their cards shopping carts fair yeah we have an elevator elevator we haven't elevator but a lot of times i mean over the years people had been shocking there for years i didn't know those fears appear yeah so yeah i know you've actually just opened our cafe only on on the top level and so we wish all of the wellness embody tear onto the main floor with everything else so now is awesome pressed and some people are happy with the caffeine some are really miss that they had that little special place up there but it's thinks on sin development and i think the point where we were in our last store we have we have a lot we should work with as far as space even though it does feel a little bit we're filled up but we still have room to work with so how many square feet is the main floor i think it is about three thousand square feet so for grocery store that's not that big yeah it's not it's still a tiny i mean i think of our last doors tiny with nieces like writers allude right yes it is it's the tiny tiny grocery store in the world of of virtues and and it is amazing how much it can have an space big would yeah we were we were pulled warns i guess nothing to move into facility like this because the receiving like we have a ramp that goes up in getting up there and you know that it was how yeah yeah so it's definitely not ideal for that but when everything was wade out at the end of the day it was the one that was decided on by our board and in inner staff and in it is it's working it's working and and.

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