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I don't think I agree. So let's get to the preview portion of this show. Ben let's go eagles offense redoing the Texans defense. Ben this defense this Houston Texans defense is going to be a bigger test than I think most expect and you're really hearing much about it, which I get your coming up a big win over the Rams, and that's the story right now. But looking past the Texans would be a big mistake. And that saying that the eagles are. But I think the media is a bit. We were gonna talk about this before the show you wanna dig into that right now why you think maybe it's not attracting maybe even with all the record. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Why is the perception of this game different than what we think the reality is to degree to which you might liken it to being a trap game. Michael. By the way, I'm calling this five percent trap game. Not not even until you the there's a likeness there that you you you sleeping on the Texans. Looking ahead. The character of the trap game is that the your perceptions about house being treated, you know, like in the media and impresses is vastly different than how we've you it. Which is why we feel to be a trap here. Looking that characterised the same? It's very different discrepancy that we're talking about here. The thing is this Houston. Texans game wasn't supposed to matter right likely vehicles. Beat the Cowboys. Then what you would have a sumo was okay? They lose to the Rams. And then this Texas game matters, Tom. They have to win to stay on top of the Cowboys to the division. That was what the problem fall was. Visit us the Cowboys like all right? Well, they're not gonna make the playoffs. Now, they have to beat the Rams in order to do it. And then if you the Rams which rerate microcosm for how the yeah. Exactly. If you don't this exactly how this has gone. The Rams and now the Texas game matters again. So because we had that week off of like are they have to win this one. And this has to lose that one after make sure they don't lose more than this week off between the Cowboys in the Ran's, we're now back into okay? So if they beat the Texans, and so very much. So the conversation we've been having up until now, which is Wednesday night has been okay. If they beat the Texans, which is not mulling over in steamrolling over how difficult would be the Texans. But it's just so much of over interested right now 'cause it's playoff push. Because the eagles are on the bubble the seven seed or whatever so much of the conversation. We're dealing with right now is just okay. What happens if they'd be the Texans? What do they need happen again to the playoffs because everybody knows that they lose the Jackson's if pretty much done right again outside shots, but pretty much it's over. So that's what we're talking about. Now, a time to talk about what it will be the taxes in order to be the Texans..

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