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Still to come other good news story of the day it's a good one it's a good one and more of your calls a four ten W. C. B. M. six eighty to offer long distance is one eight hundred W. C. B. M. six eighty this is the morning drive with Casey though it Sean of course has the morning off I personally hello WCB and audience I have some very good news and we all need good news I'm happy and proud to announce that Dr at laser and cosmetic and advanced dentistry has re opened for business so you no longer have to put off getting that million dollar smile be appears implants implant retained dentures what ever it takes to get you looking and feeling at your best Dr laser can make it come true for you Dr Lieser and is highly trained staff for practicing all federal and local protocols for safety physical distancing hand sanitizing areas and ninety five and level three masks face shields disposable protective coats and caps air purifiers throughout the office and cleaning after every appointment are some of the protocols doctor Lazar and his staff are doing to make sure you're safe it's time to smile again get your million dollar smile by calling doctor Lazar at four ten three five six seven seven nine nine or online at cosmetic dentist Baltimore dot com cosmetic dentist Baltimore dot com everywhere you go and I'm at home or in my car it's always with you on my phone on the app does stay connected with Houston talk you love get the app now at W. C. B. N. dot com the morning drive on W. C. B. M. news of million.

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