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In a time where you're angry intelligence. Dark. Listen. I'll listen now because I have no idea what you guys are talking about I'll send you some Steve never watched it when even the basic video he sent was great. No I. I The music video for the it's called law their song. It's them all out in the streets of La with helicopters passing by it's big riot protesting the police are done well era. It was filmed like weeks before the whole Pantheon before all the George fluids stuff in the whole album sounds so relevant even though it was all recorded in two, thousand nine, it sounds reactionary. There's some. Yeah it sound reactionary, but it was all before everything that went down. So it's like it. It blows my mind how relevant did Elliott I don't mean to. Point you out, catch you off guard, throw you under the bus whatever you wanna say but I and I know our audience isn't hearing 'cause you recording your audio but I'm hearing like maybe beard scratches from your microphone on your headset maybe. Did you guys hear that too? Yeah. There's little scratchy scratch when he's really yeah it's actually when he talks I think we're hearing your you in discord through your headset mic. So maybe just as a Mike on yeah yeah. Good call my friend. So, just make sure that's not scrape scraping your gorgeous beard. Hang. On I know what I can do I. But I can get. I think it's good. As long as I bet, you'll find another pair of headphones in the meantime on my speaking of music quick tangent. I just came back from my trip to Salt Lake and we drove and when you drive, you listen to a bunch of music after a while I was just going through old stuff and I discovered. A president of the United. States album that I never listened to before. Two Thousand Four L. P. E.. P., B. B.. And it's called love everybody and I'd never heard it before and it's Great for the first few tracks. But there's a bunch of songs on there that I'd never heard and I fell in love with one's called love everybody listened to that. The one is called. The Postman is stealing your love letters or something like that. Yeah. Also, really really good and then the rest of a lot of the rest of the album I wasn't as enamored with but I read I found something new from an a a nostalgic ban that he used to. I started with their their first album with lump peaches and. Dune buggy all those great songs on my kids. On Tech Tedium and. If you. Yeah. That was a great band presidency United States of America was like a gateway to like novelty like funny music super ridiculous. They were. They were a jewel in the rough grunge era kind of. Like you know to like a Wean or like a fountains of Wayne kind of like. We might be a little deeper into the weirdness realm, but they're on them to be very comedic and and. They don't give. Yeah. I haven't heard them at all. Oh, no way. Dude. You've read that Song Lump because Weird Al did a parody called gump and it was a forrest gump thing what what year were they more? Popular hundred, Ninety Five. Something like that. Okay. I have to retroactively go back and remember what album lump was on for or Gump was on for weird yeah. Let me try to doing you're doing math like they teach in common core now but with Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Like I know. All about the Benjamins came out around ninety eight, ninety nine because I know that running running with scissors weird thousand, ninety, nine album. All about the pentiums on. Doing Weird Al Week. GUMP on bad hair day I think it is. Yeah. Yeah. been about ninety seven I. Don't know why I remember all that ninety six, ninety, seven attitude. I remember I have a weird weird AL memory of being in grade school or middle school wherever the fuck aid, whatever age or whatever fucking grade we're out when that album came out bad hair day or which one was. The one that had is off the deep end that had the gangster's paradise payroll is bad hair day it was better area so bad hair day came out. And I remember for some fucking reason. I don't know how they allowed this or why they allowed this or what the fuck, the point of this was but. For some reason, they let me bring in my cassette for bad hair day or whatever OECD or whatever the fuck it was, and we got to listen to the whole album like in class off. Teacher was like I got nothing plan this week for the loud one. What what do you WANNA do I don't understand how it happened like I. Don't know if I asked or I don't know if I brought it up or something but I remember sitting there everyone like around the radio like in the old timey when you listen to like like little orphan. Did. You know. That we just put the. fireside chat back in World War Two. Award. On, the radio but it was like I remember just be like oh Really, funny listen. Shut up here comes. David. All right. Well, David's not gonNA everyone's. CAN WE TURN IT UP? The First Weird Al Song that I knew of was from an album from Radio Disney that we played. And it had just a big mash up of a bunch of songs like Mambo, number five. Poke. Yeah. That's one of his many pocus Kevin. Focus, are so good I love him. And then he did the star wars which what's the name of the saga begins? And that was my introduction to weird Al Long Long time ago in a galaxy far far. Yes. Okay as far away. So anyway but I we could just we could Kiss Kevin's feet this episode and ask a bunch of Shit. If you guys have never done that otherwise, we could just jump into the format and just just you didn't you didn't think you were going to be coming into an interview environment but guess what you are enough softballs. Now we're coming.

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