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This street that says avenue instead of understand and this the look on his face dullard that you can see how you know how. Sometimes i'm gonna curse fuck. Yes yes so you know like if you're in the airport and you see someone and you look at them an adult and you okay. This person was born fucked up just like unsightly. Something's wrong with them. How they traveling alone. You look at ceaucescu. You look at him. You're like something's not right with this guy not in the sense of like evil but in the sense of. He's a simpleton right and now he's in charge this whole country and everyone's taught to regard him as when the great geniuses of all time and it's this The idea this mediocre nobody. This guy would in any other. Culture been accomplished nothing or or would have had an honest job where he's like okay. He's worked at the mill mail service and he's bad at it. Okay findings a hurting anyone. And now is the result of this. He's responsible for mass death secret police and corporation and One of the greatest things. I've ever seen which i'm sure many people see as well if you go on youtube. It's his speech and it's the first time the crowd turns in his head. Count is like because they are booing him which was unheard of and you know. He was shot with his Dog faced not long after it was just a great moment. But it's things like this. I agree with you that that mediocre week person is now in a position of power over somebody else and that sense of of vindictiveness. Like i'm going to feel strong for once in my life but it's going to be at your expense that i think is you know human nature it's most primal and every time i meet a person in this world the first person to get me to cry on a fucked podcast. The robot gets me to cry. What the fuck is going on. Every time i meet a weird person somebody to me heroism is also taking a risk to rebel against mediocrity like in in the most simplest of ways like the the license address like taking a risk to break the little bit of rule that nobody will know about to take that little bit of a leap of like the that little protest against the bureaucracy like that nazi government where he spoke out. He's like hey lady but that's a big. That's for sure. I mean like literally at the line at starbucks or something like even in the tiniest ways. When i see people just like. It's almost like that little glimmer in their. I a wink lake. We're in this together this. There's there's all this conformity all around us. That's at a different time. Could have been nazi. Germany could have been a stalinist soviet union. We're in this together. We're going to rebel against the conformity by just just taking the risk that little bit of risk against mediocrity. I dunno and that. And then once again i see this in companies to when i see the mediocrity i see this you know i used to work at google. I see google when the companies grow then mediocrities overwhelming. The peter principle right the peter principle. Yeah my hope is it. All of us have the possibility for that. Glimmer that That risk taking the the leap of faith..

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